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Updated Feb 21/2018

DJI Mavic Drone Accessories

Mavic Intelligent Flight Battery - $120 - more in soon
Intelligent Flight Battery (3,830mAh/11.4V) specially designed for the Mavic. Built-in sensors and bright LEDs tell you the status and remaining power of your battery in real time. Charge with Mavic Battery Charger or Mavic Battery Charging Hub.

Mavic Intelligent Flight Battery for Mavic Pro Platinum - $120 - in stock
3830 maH.

Mavic Battery Charging Hub - $49 - more in soon
Charges up to 4 Mavic batteries in sequence according to their power levels from, from high to low.

DJI Mavic Car Charger (Part 6) - $65 - in stock
The Mavic Car Charger is used to charge the Intelligent Flight Battery through a car's cigarette lighter port. It comes with low-voltage protection to ensure enough starting battery voltage for the car. Overheating protection will automatically cut off charging if your cigarette lighter port exceeds a certain temperature. Operating Temperature: 41° to 104° F (5° to 40° C)
Input Voltage: 12.3-16 V (Sedan); 25-30 V (Coach)
DC Output: 13.05 V; 6 A; 78 W

Mavic Quick Release Folding Propellers - $13 - special order
Set of two 8330 Propellers for the Mavic. Easy-to-fold, powerful thrust, well balanced.

Mavic Low Noise Quick-Release Propellers - $14 - in stock
8331 Propeller Pair × 1 - Brand new aerodynamic design, giving the Mavic Pro series an impressive noise control performance. When used with the Mavic Pro Platinum, up to 4dB (60%) of aircraft noise is lowered during takeoff and landing, and flight time is extended to 30 minutes. Noise reduction and flight time are also enhanced when used with the Mavic Pro, but not as much. Not compatible with Mavic Propeller Cage.

Mavic Shoulder Bag - $99 - in stock
You can carry the Mavic and its accessories by using this Bag.
Size: 17.5cm×12.5cm×21cm
Maximum weight: 3kg
Holds: 1 aircraft, 1 controller, 4 batteries, 1 smartphone, and smaller accessories such as cables.

Polar Pro Cinema Series Shutter DJI Mavic Edition - Reg $109 Sale $99 - in stock
(MVC-CS-SHUTTER) 3 filter ND set that comes with ND8 (3 stops), ND16 (4 stops) and ND32 (5 stops). Filters are multi-coated.

Polar Pro Cinema Series Vivid ND4/PL, ND8/PL, ND16/PL - $99 - more in soon

Polar Pro DJI Mavic Cinema Series Single Filters
ND64 - $39 - in stock
(MVC-CS-ND64) Cuts the light by 6 stops. Multi-coated glass.

DJI Mavic ND Filters Set - $49 - special order
(ND4/8/16) 3 filter set.

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