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Updated Aug 19/19

DJI Mavic Drone Accessories

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Mavic Low Noise Quick-Release Propellers - $14 - in stock
8331 Propeller Pair × 1 - Brand new aerodynamic design, giving the Mavic Pro series an impressive noise control performance. When used with the Mavic Pro Platinum, up to 4dB (60%) of aircraft noise is lowered during takeoff and landing, and flight time is extended to 30 minutes. Noise reduction and flight time are also enhanced when used with the Mavic Pro, but not as much. Not compatible with Mavic Propeller Cage.


DJI ND Filter Set - $129 - special order
(ND4/8/16/32) - for Mavic e Pro.

Polar Pro DJI Mavic Cinema Series Single Filters
ND64 - $39 - no longer availalbe
(MVC-CS-ND64) Cuts the light by 6 stops. Multi-coated glass. For the Mavic Pro.