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Updated Sept 26/2017

DJI Phantom Carrying Cases & Backpacks

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LowePro Drone Guard Kit - Reg $99 Sale $66 - limited stock
The DroneGuard Kit is more than a simple carrying case for drones, The DroneGuard Kit is an inventive system of dividers that helps manage all quadcopter and action video camera gear. It's designed to complement the X-shape of today's most popular drones and safely organize all accessories. Unique and highly functional, this kit goes beyond the “pick-and-pluck” systems of the competition and offers users a perfect, out-of-the-box solution.

Manfrotto Drone Backpack MB BP-D1 - $249 - in stock
The D1 Drone Backpack is the first model released in the new Aviator collection. This is a new concept of bags specifically designed to carry different DJI Phantom models with its accessories. The backpack is designed paying careful attention to the latest quadcopters design; it is extra-lightweight, water-resistant and extremely spacious. This pack carries a drone with its remote control and all its accessories, plus an additional camera and tripod. It's an all-in-one carry system that efficiently supports shooting videos with a flying camera and capturing backstage scenes with a tripod-mounted camera. It is perfect for quickly changing locations. With its propellers mounted, the flying camera safely attaches onto the outside of the pack by simply opening the front zip, making it very easy to get out or put away when necessary. The flying camera stays safely cushioned inside and the propellers fit outside the bag. The D1 Drone backpack features also a dedicated space for a laptop up to 17” and a tablet, enabling users to check their work and share it in real time.

DJI Phantom Series Multifunctional Backpack - $269 - in stock
This hardshell backpack for the Phantom series is strong and water resistant. This backpack can also hold a 15" laptop. Can hold one Phantom drone, one remote controller, three batteries, twelve propellers, and one charger.