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Updated Feb 1/19

Accessories & Batteries for Ronin Stabilizers


DJI Ronin-M 4S 1580mAh Battery - $129 - on back order
NOTE: Requires DJI Ronin-M 4S charger. Not compatible with original DJI 57 watt charger.
The DJI Intelligent Battery was specially designed for the Ronin-M. It has a capacity of 1580mAh, a voltage of 14.4V, and a variety of power management functions. When fully charged, it has a maximum run-time of three hours.

DJI Ronin-M 4S Battery Charger - $49 - in stock

Ronin-M Monitor/Accessory Mount - $94 - more in soon
For Ronin-M only. Easily mount accessories or external monitors to your Ronin-M. 1/4" and 3/8" thread mounting holes.

Ronin-M Universal Camera Mounting Plate - $115 - in stock

SmallRig Monitor Mount for Ronin M - $55 - more in soon
(1860) Same mount as above, except with no articulating arm. Has 1/4-20 and 3/8 mounting holes, so you can attach your own arm. Compatible with Ronin M/MX or Movi.

DJI Ronin Thumb Controller for Ronin-M - $229 - in stock
The wireless thumb controller is perfectly compatible and ready to be used with the DJI Ronin-M. An additional external receiver is required for use with the Ronin, while the Ronin-M’s built-in receiver allows use without any additional parts.

Ronin-M Tilt Bar Extension Rods - $26 - more in soon
Specifically for the Ronin M, these rods extend the vertical adjustment arms by 30mm. This helps with cameras over 195mm in height.

Ronin-M Camera Screws - $15 - in stock
2 x 1/4-20 + 2 x 3/8.

DJI Grip for Ronin-M/Ronin-MX - $309 - special order
Enables Alternatives Shooting Styles. Easy Transition Between Operators. Breaks Down for Transport. Carry Case Included.