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Updated May 9/20

Zoom Recorder Accessories

Zoom H6 Accessory Pack - special order
Includes a Furrie Windscreen (to block wind noise outside), Wired Remote and AC Power Adapter.

Zoom SGH-6 Shotgun Microphone - $169 - in stock
This optional shotgun mic fits directly on the Zoom H6 or Zoom H5 or F1. Super Cardioid pick-up pattern. Zoom claims it does the same job as regular shotgun mics at half the length. Like most shotgun mics, it's a mono mic. Sound quality is good and compares nicely with the Rode NTG2. Just remember that the SGH-6 has to be physically attached to the H6 - you cannot run an XLR cable from it to the recorder. For best sound that means you have to have the recorder and mic close to your subject.

Zoom EXH-6 XLR Inputs - $99 - in stock
Add this optional module to the Zoom H6/H5 or F1 to add more 2 more XLR inputs. Note - the EXH-6 does not give phantom power.

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