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Updated Sept 9/19


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BeachTek MCC-2 - $119 - more in soon
The Beachtek MCC-2 is a triple accessory shoe bracket combined with a two-channel, mini-jack audio adapter that lets you mount, connect and control two audio devices for camcorders or DSLR cameras.

BeachTek DXA-Micro Pro Active XLR Compact Adapter - $259 - in stock
Designed to connect one xlr mic with 48v phantom power and two 1/8" microphones to a dslr or camcorder with a 1/8" mic input. Both 1/8" inputs feature plug-in power. This allows you to record the audio directly to the camera in sync with the picture for videographers, sound designers and more. With dual gain-adjustment settings, the adapter provides a stronger audio level to the camera and bypasses the noisy camera preamplifiers. Built-in good/over level indicators allow you to verify the signal levels at a glance and the trim controls let you adjust the output signal for optimum recording. A headphone jack monitors your audio from the adapter during recording or camera playback. Finally, the dxa-micro-pro will conveniently mount under the camera for a secure attachment to a tripod base or will mount on the hot shoe above the camera.

Indi Pro Tools Mini Box - Reg $95 Sale $69 - limited stock

Convert XLR to mini-jack with this very simple adapter. Two XLR ports to mini-jack. Has a 15mm rail mount adapter, so you can mount it to any 15mm rail. Note that there is no other way to mount this adapter - no 1/4 screw hole. Adapter is passive, so it does not provide phantom power to the mics or any gain/boost of the signal. Also note there is no gain control on the two inputs, so you have no way to individually change the volume of the inputs as they go into your camera.

BeachTek DXA-2T Universal Mini-Jack to XLR Adapter - special order
* Passive audio adapter for camcorders provides pure, clean audio from self-powered microphones, wireless and mixing boards.
* Passive circuitry with premium wide-bandwidth transformers requires no power and is completely noise free and virtually unclipable for superb audio.
* Dual Neutrik XLR input connectors for balanced microphones plus one 3.5 mm mono input for unbalanced microphones and wireless mics.
* Robust circuitry with a rugged die-cast aluminum chassis surrounded by a cushioning rubber sleeve make this device virtually indestructible.
* Features include dual detented trim controls, mic/line selector for each channel, mono or stereo operation and easily mounts to your camera and tripod.

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