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Updated July 15/2017

Shock Mounts

Scroll down to see all available options. We have demo models available for testing in the store.

iKan AudioBoom Cradle Mount

Rode Pivot Adapter - Reg $40 - Display Model on Sale $19
Durable machined-aluminium, brass and high-grade polymer adaptor for mounting on boom stands and boompoles, allowing for up to 210 degrees of pivot. A 5/8" to 3/8" adaptor is included.

Rode SM3-R Camera Shoe Shock Mount - $69 - Display Model on Sale $55
The SM3-R is a suspension shock mount with camera shoe adaptor for mounting various RØDE microphones onto a camera via the standard hot/cold shoe mount. The SM3-R is equipped with dual Rycote Lyre mounts to ensure maximum isolation from any handling vibrations, four possible mounting points to suit the complete range of compatible RØDE on-camera microphones, and integrated cable management clip


Rycote Universal Shotgun Mount for Cameras and Boom Poles - $79 - in stock
Duo-Lyre Cradle. Reduces Handling Noise. Brass Shoe with 1/4-20 thread in bottom, may require optional adapter for 5/8 or 3/8 boom poles. Works with Push-On Type Windscreens. Integral 1/4" (0.64 cm) Tap. Virtually Unbreakable Microphone Clip. Works with DSLR Cameras and Boom Poles. Integrated Cable Clamp. Fits 19 to 34 mm Diameter Microphones.

Rycote INV-7 Boom Pole Mount - $99 - more in soon
Mounts on a boom pole or mic stand with a 5/8 thread.


Rycote InVision Adjustable Microphone Shock Mount - $109 - special order
Shock mount and suspension system for high-quality external camcorder microphones between 19 and 25 mm in diameter, and up to 300 mm in length, and enables camcorder users and videographers to get the best possible sound for their productions using external camera-mounted microphones. A lightweight, durable clamp holds the microphone in place, and is itself suspended in two of Rycote's W-shaped patented Lyre mounts which provide substantially better isolation from camera motor and drive noise and vibrations than traditional on-camera microphone mounts. The Lyres are attached to a mounting bar which may be slotted into the hot shoe mount on top of your camera. The mount can be adjusted for off-set.

Rode PG2-R Pistol Grip Shock Mount - $99 - special order
The PG2-R Pistol Grip Shockmount from RØDE is designed to reduce handling noise when recording with a shotgun microphone in handheld or boompole-mounted applications. It is equipped with dual Rycote Lyre mounts that ensure maximum isolation from handling vibrations. Featuring four possible mounting points for a complete range of compatible Rode microphones, the shockmount has a lightweight handle, which has a cushioned grip that houses multiple cable mounting points.

Replacement silicone bands for the Rode SM3 - $18 - in stock
4 bands in packet.

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