Updated Apr 19/2014


Replacement Mics

Sennheiser ME 2 Omni Lav Mic - $89 - on back order
The standard mic that comes with the EW100ENG/ EW112/ EW112P/ EW312/ EW500ENG/ EW512/ EW512P kits

Sennheiser MKE 2-EW Gold Omni Lav Mic - $299 - special order - takes under a week
A higher quality lav mic than the standard ME2 mic that comes with the Sennheiser kits. Gives you a warmer, richer sound than the ME2.

Sennheiser ME 4 Cardiod Mic - $99 - special order
The Sennheiser ME4 is a cardiod, sub-miniature clip on lavalier microphone for use with the EW wireless series transmitters.

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Sennheiser Replacement Cables


CL100 Mini-jack to XLR (M) - $29 - in stock
To attach the receiver to an XLR input on camera or mixer.

CL1-N Mini to Mini - $19 - more in soon
Replacement cable for the mini jack cable to attach receiver to mini-jack input on camera.

CL2 Line Input Cable - $25 - in stock
XLR (F) to Mini-jack cable for body-pack transmitters - allows you to attach an XLR device to the body-pack transmitter.

Replacement Parts:

Sennheiser MZW 2E - Metal Windscreen for ME2 - $19 - in stock
Replacement metal windscreen for the ME2.

Sennheiser Foam Windscreen for ME4 - $17 - in stock
Foam windscreen that slips on top of the ME4 mic.

Find Rycote furry windscreens for lav mics here

Sennheiser MZQ 2E - Mic Clip for ME2 - $15 - in stock
Replacement alligator clip for the ME2 lav mic.

Sennheiser Metal Belt Clip - $9 - in stock
Lost the metal clip from your bodypack or receiver?
Here's the replacement

Sennheiser Hot Shoe Adapter CA2 - $19 - in stock
Allows you to mount your receiver on your camera shoe.

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