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Updated Nov 12/19

Sennheiser Wireless Accessories, Cables, Replacement Parts

Sennheiser Replacement Cables


CL100 Mini-jack to XLR (M) - $29 - in stock
(556950) To attach the receiver to an XLR input on camera or mixer.

CL1-N Mini to Mini - $25 - in stock
Replacement cable for the mini jack cable to attach receiver to mini-jack input on camera.

CL2 Line Input Cable - $27 - in stock
XLR (F) to Mini-jack cable for body-pack transmitters - allows you to attach an XLR device to the body-pack transmitter.

Replacement Parts:

Sennheiser MZW 2E - Metal Windscreen for ME2 - $19 - in stock
Replacement metal windscreen for the original ME2 mic.

Sennheiser Foam Windscreen for ME4 - $17 - in stock
Foam windscreen that slips on top of the ME4 mic.

Sennheiser MZQ 2E - Mic Clip for ME2 - $15 - in stock
Replacement lapel clip for the original ME2 lav mic. (083387)

Sennheiser Mic Clamp 564565 - $15 - in stock
Replacement lapel clip for the new ME2-2 lav mic.

Sennheiser Metal Belt Clip
Lost the metal clip from your bodypack or receiver?
Here's the replacement.
For G2 series - $9 - in stock
For G3 series - $9 - in stock

Sennheiser Hot Shoe Adapter CA2 - $25 - in stock
Allows you to mount your receiver on your camera shoe.

Replacement Mics

Sennheiser ME 2-II Omni Lav Mic - $159 - in stock
Updated replacement mic for the AVX ME2/EW100ENG/ EW112/ EW112P/ EW312/ EW500ENG/ EW512/ EW512P kits.

Sennheiser MKE 2-EW Gold Omni Lav Mic - $469 - special order
A higher quality lav mic than the standard ME2 mic that comes with the Sennheiser kits. Gives you a warmer, richer sound than the ME2.

Sennheiser ME 4 Cardiod Mic - $149 - special order
The Sennheiser ME4 is a cardiod, sub-miniature clip on lavalier microphone for use with the EW wireless series transmitters.

Lav Windsocks, Replacement Foam

Rycote Undercovers

Sennheiser Bodyback Transmitter SK100-G3 - $339 - special order - usually takes under a week
This is the replacement bodypack transmitter for the EW100 line of Sennheiser wireless, in case you break or lose yours. This is compatible with all generations of the EW100 line (G1, G2, G3). Note: When you order replacements you have to specify the frequency (A, G, etc).

Sennheiser Receiver EK100-G3 - $519 - special order - usually takes under a week
This is the replacement portable receiver for the EW 100 line of Sennheiser wireless, in case you lose or break yours. Have to specify the frequency (A, G, etc). This is compatible with all generations of the EW100 line (G1, G2, G3).

Sennheiser SKP 100 - G3
(Freq A
) - $359 - special order

Take a wired microphone and turn it into a wireless simply by plugging in the SKP 100 G3 to it’s XLR port. 42 MHz bandwidth: 1680 tunable UHF frequencies for interference-free reception. Enhanced frequency bank system with up to 12 compatible frequencies. Pilot tone squelch for eliminating RF interference when transmitter is turned off. Wireless synchronization of transmitters via infrared interface from receiver. User-friendly menu operation with more control options. Illuminated graphic display. Auto-Lock function avoids accidental changing of settings. Transmitter features battery indication in 4 steps, also shown on receiver display. Programmable Mute function. NOTE: does not provide phantom power.

Sennheiser SKM 100-835 G3 (Freq A) - $399 - special order

Now with infrared sync function, the SKM100-835 G3 can tune to a G3 receiver with a simple push of the receiver’s sync button. Compatible with ew 100 G3 receivers and every vocal style, this hand-held transmitter/microphone combination provides wireless freedom to both performers and presenters alike. With rugged design and powerful sound, it is ideally suited for the stage as it is in the auditorium. Newly revised features such as the enhanced graphic display, easily swappable capsule and included charging contacts make the SKM100-835 G3 a solid choice.