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Updated May 24/19

BNC SDI Cables

Wooden Camera Coiled 10" BNC - $32 - in stock
Coiled HD-SDI - BNC to BNC cable. Extends from 10" resting length to 20" to allow mobility and adjusting of on board monitors, wireless systems, and recorders. Excellent for studio configurations as well as patching. Features right-angle BNC connection on both ends. 206300.

Wooden Camera Coiled 20" BNC - $49 - in stock
These high-quality coiled cables are SD/HD/3G compatible. Features right-angle BNC connection on both ends. Cable is 20" long, and stretches to about 32".

TecNec UltraThin SDI Cables
18" - $18 - in stock
36" - $20 - in stock
These cables are perfect for on-board monitors or recorders - they are made from ultra-thin Belden 1855 SDI cable. Male BNC connectors on both ends.

SmallHD UltraThin SDI Cables
12" - $18 - in stock
24" - $19 - special order
48" - $25 - in stock
Perfect for on-board monitors or recorders - ultrathin cable with male BNC connectors on both ends.

TecNec Economy SDI Cables
6' - $22 - in stock
10' - $24 - in stock
15' - $25 - more in soon
25' - $35 - in stock
Good quality SDI cables, with a RG59 rating. Meets 3G standards. Male BNC connectors on both ends. Regular thickness on the cables.

Lentequip Premium SDI Cables
25' - $65 - in stock
50' - $95 - in stock
75' - $129 - in stock
100' - $159 - in stock
150' - $209 - in stock
200' - $259 - in stock
Assembled in Canada with Canare L-3CFW cable, which is flexible and suited for mobile use. Robust Canare BCP-H31F connectors. These cables are top grade and will last a long time. Cables are in Lentequip's famous green colour. Regular thickness on the cables. These RG-59 cables are rated for 1080P 3G SDI transmission, and can safely do 4K 12G up to 110'.

Lentequip Large Cable Reel - 200 ft - call for pricing - more in soon
Spooled with 200' of Canare L-3CFW SDI cable, the Large SDI Cable Reel from Lentequip makes it easy to quickly run cable in an organized and clean fashion. All you have to do is unravel the desired length of cable from the reel and connect the equipment. A 6' drop cable is included to connect to the SDI port on the reel itself, ensuring that you don't have to unravel the entire reel if you don't need the full length of cable. While striking the set, simply disconnect the equipment and spool up the loose cable using the hand crank on the reel housing. A built-in stopper connected to the cable will prevent the loose cable end from being stuck inside the reel. Once wrapped up, the included rip-tie loop neatly holds the cable leader and the drop cable.

MiniDIN SDI (M) to SDI (F) 1' Cable - $23 - in stock
Adapter cable to connect a longer SDI cable to the "mini-SDI" ports found on RED cameras, and various Blackmagic products (HyperDecks, Video Assist 5", etc). Male MiniDIN (aka Mini SDI) to SDI (F) connector. 12" long. Really thin cable.

TecNec SDI to Mini DIN SDI for Blackmagic
3' - $32 - more in soon
6' - $35 - more in soon
Regular SDI (M) on one end, the "Mini SDI" (M) on the other. Used with Blackmagic Video Assist, Hypderdeck, etc.

Laird SDI-Mini SDI Male for Atomos Samurai

ATO-MB-B-3 - 3' - $27 - in stock


TecNec BNC Coupler - 75 Ohm BNC Female to BNC Female - $5 - in stock

Connectronics B-BFRA 75 BNC Elbow adapter - $6 - in stock
75 Ohm BNC Female To BNC Male Right Angle Video Adapter

Connectronics BF-T - $6 - in stock
75 Ohm BNC Female T Video Adapter

TecNec - 75 Ohm BNC Male to RCA Female - $5 - in stock

TecNec - 75 Ohm BNC Female to RCA Male - $5 - in stock

Hosa NBR-321 - 75 Ohm BNC Female to RCA Female - $5 - in stock