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Updated June 23/2017

DSLR Camera Tap Cables and Accessories

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Canon LP-E6

IndiPro Tools PT to Canon LP-E6 - $139 - in stock
(MINILP6) The 30" MINI-Tap to LP-E6 Dummy Battery Cable from IndiPRO Tools can be used to power an optional camera or device (not included). The cable is regulated to provide the correct voltage to your camera. Additionally, the in-line voltage regulator helps prevent electrical noise from being introduced into your camera. The cable features a USB port that outputs 5V power (at up to 2A), enabling it to power most USB devices on set, including some smartphones and tablets (both sold separately). It also features a female D-Tap output so you can power you D-Tap accessories while using the D-USB and power out cable (accessories not included).

SmallHD DCA5 Kit - $179 - more in soon
LP-E6 to D-Tap. Only works with SmallHD monitors or any monitor that takes an LP-E6 but will not work on cameras.

Panasonic DMW-BLF19

IndiePro Tools PT92GH - $109 - in stock
D-Tap converter to Panasonic Dummy Battery for GH 4/5 - DMW-BLF19.

Sony NP-FW50

IndiPro Tools PTSA7 Power Tap to Sony A7 (NP-FW50) Dummy Battery 30" - $105 - in stock
The 30″ Power Converter P-Tap to Sony A7 Type Dummy Battery from IndiPRO Tools allows you to power your camera using external batteries with a P-Tap power connector. The converter regulates any input voltage within the range of 12 to 18 VDC, providing 7.2 volt output. It features a P-Tap connector on one end and a dummy battery that fits into a Sony A7 battery compartment on the other end.

IndiPro Tools MINIA7S - $145 - special order
MINI-Tap to Sony NP-FW50 Dummy Battery Cable (30"). Gives you USB as well.

Sony L - Canon LP-E6

IndiPro Tools CLSLP6 - $150 - in stock
Sony L-Series Mounting Plate to LP-E6 Dummy Battery with 15mm Clamp
The Indipro Sony L series battery adapter plate allows you to power your camera or device that requires a Canon LP-E6 Battery. By inserting a Sony L type battery into the locking plate, the attached Canon LP-E6 type dummy battery, can power-up the camera or device for an extended period of time. There is a 1/4 20 insert for mounting on a camera or rig. Also included is a 15mm rail mount. Provides an output of 7.4V. To remove Sony L battery from plate, press Locking device and slowly slide battery out of plate. The Sony L series battery adapter plate is designed to last through all aspects of production. The cable is 24" in length.

IndiPro Tools 8PASA7 - $175 - in stock
Power Grid & XLR Audio Box with Dual LP-E6 Plates for Sony a7 Camera
The Power Grid & XLR Audio Box with Dual LP-E6 Plates for Sony a7 Camera from IndiPRO Tools provides power to your Sony a7 Camera using two optional Canon LP-E6 type batteries. It converts two XLR inputs to a 3.5mm stereo audio output to provide two channels of audio directly to your camera. The Power Grid System incorporates a clamp so you can mount it to optional LWS 15mm support rods and it features a right angle power plug to keep the cable neat and snug on the camera.

Sony L - Sony NP-FW50

IndiPro Tools CLSNP - $150 - in stock
Sony L-Series Mounting Plate to NP-FW50 Dummy Battery with 15mm Clamp


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