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Power Tap Cables and Accessories

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Lentequip SafeTap D-Tap Connector - $79 - in stock
Want to make your own cables, and need just the D-Tap connector? The Lentequip is the best D-Tap connector in the world. The SafeTap will warn you if you've reversed polarity (plugged in the D-Tap the wrong way), over/under voltage, short circuits, and prevents battery deep discharge. The connector may cost a bit more, but potentially can save you money due to mis-use. Made in Canada.

Lentequip SafeTap w/24" Pigtail - $89 - in stock
Feeling handy and want to make your own cables? This comes with the famous Lentequip SafeTap and 24" pigtail cables. Made in Canada.

Anton Bauer Powertap Kit - $15 - in stock
The Anton Bauer Female PowerTap Kit includes female PowerTap components, pins and housings (cable not included). This kit allows the user to adapt any 12 VDC on camera light to be powered through a PowerTap connecto.r.

TV Logic/Alphatron

Wooden Camera D-Tap to TV Logic - $89 - in stock
(170400) Power your TV Logic monitor or Alphatron EVF off D-Tap batteries. Cable is 15" long.


IndiPro Tools PT12MAG - $89 - in stock
The Power Converter D-Tap to Blackmagic Mini Converter Plug allows you to power your Blackmagic Mini Converter using a 13 to 17 VDC battery that has a D-Tap power connector. It converts the 13 to 17 volts to regulated 12 VDC and is rated for a 2.5-amp draw at 12 volts, which provides a safety margin to the Blackmagic Mini Converter.

Switronix AJA Converter Cable - XP-AJA-5 - Reg $149 - Sale $109 - limited stock
Let's you power selected AJA devices off P-Tap that require 5v. Fully compatible with AJA Mini Converters. Also has a female P-Tap (12v) on the side to power other accessories. Cable Length - 24".


Litepanels Sola ENG/Croma/Luma D-Tap Power Cable - $85 - special order - takes 2-3 weeks
Open Box $69

D-Tap Power Cable for Sola ENG (2nd Gen w/ Red DC Coupler), Croma and Luma. Not compatible with Caliber. Not compatible with original Sola ENG w/ Integrated PowerTap Cable.

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