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Updated May 25/18


Power Tap Multi and Power Tap Extension Cables


Rolux D-Tap Splitter RL-FB1 - $40 - in stock
Takes one D-Tap and splits it into 4. The coiled cable is about 16" long when coiled, 41" when stretched.


Anton Bauer Power Tap Multi - $85 - more in soon
(8075-0013) Four female PowerTap receptacles expand from any Gold Mount PowerTap to power 4 separate devices.

Anton Bauer PowerTap 7' Extension Cable - $59 - more in soon
Need to power something off your power tap, and your cable isn't long enough? Here's the solution. PowerTap Male on one end, Female on the other. Cable is 7'/213 cm long.

IndiProTools PowerTap 38" Extension Cable - $49 - in stock
PowerTap Male to Female extension cable. Cable is 38" long.

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