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Updated Nov 25/2017


Small Rig 15mm Rod Clamp w/Arri Rosette Mount - $69 - in stock
(1898) This rod clamp attaches to 15mm rods, and gives you Arri Rosettes on either side. The Arri Rosettes are at a 15 degree angle, which is
advantageous if you are attaching handles, because it makes it more comfortable. 1/4-20 mounting holes on top for accessories.

Small Rig Rosette Handle Kit - $349 - in stock
( 2002) Attaches to 15mm rods. Rubber handles. Cold shoe mounts on the side of each handle as well, allowing you attach accessories. Each arm has a
bunch of 1/4-20 and 3/8 mounting holes. Great price point and good quality.

Small Rig 15mm Rod Clamp w/Arri Rosette - $39 - in stock
( 1686) This single clamp can be attached to a 15mm rod to give you an Arri Rosette, so that you can attach any accessory (arm, EVF mount, handle, etc) that uses the Arri Rosette connector.