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Gold Mount Batteries

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Rolux RLC-95A Gold Mount - Reg $279 Display Model $159

Good quality Gold Mount battery with LCD read-out. A single D-Tap output provides a max of 3A out for accessories. 5.5A output current for the battery itself. Not suitable for high-draw cameras, such as Arri Alexas. 1 Year Warranty, serviced in Canada. RED Compatability: Will power Red cameras no problem, but will not display time remaining or battery percentage to the camera.

Rolux Two-Channel Gold Mount Charger RL-2KA - $259 - in stock

Swit S-8192A 92 + 92 Wh Split-Style Gold Mount Battery
S-8192A 3 Stud/Gold Mount - $599 - special order
Split style battery, which can be split into 2 parts of total 92Whx2 (184Wh) capacity. D-tap DC output makes it possible to power the camera and other equipment simultaneously. It has a 4-level LED indicator to give you a view of remaining power and a connecting shoe. The build-in intelligent circuit has multiple protections of abnormal current, voltage and temperature. Warranty - 2 Year Canadian Warranty. Serviced in Canada.

Core SWX Hypercore Neo 9 Mini 98W Gold Mount Battery - $329 - special order
Capacity: 98Wh(14.8v, 6.6Ah)
Size: 3.54” x 4.65” x 1.90”
Weight: 1.4lbs.
Normal Runtime: (25w) 3.6hrs.
Load: 16A/12A

RED Compatability: Fully compatible with all Red cameras (Red One, DSMC, DMMC2)- time remaining and battery levels are communicated to the camera, and are seen on the LCD screen.

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