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Updated Apr 24/2017


V-Mount/3 Stud Batteries, Plates, Chargers, etc.

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Rolux LCD V-Mount Batteries
RLC-95S (95Wh) - $279 - in stock
RLC-130S (130Wh) - $329 - in stock
Good quality V-Mount battery with LCD read-out. A single D-Tap output provides a max of 3A out for accessories. 5.5A output current for the battery itself. Not suitable for high-draw cameras, such as Arri Alexas. 1 Year Warranty.

V-Mount & 3 Stud Battery Chargers

Rolux Two-Channel Charger RL-2KS - $259 - more in soon
The Rolux RL-2KS is a portable V-Mount battery charger with an XLR 4-Pin DC power output. The unit can charge two batteries simultaneously and features a built-in capacity management system, ensuring the fastest charge possible. 1 Year warranty.

Swit S-8192 Lithium-Ion 92 + 92 Wh Split-Style V-Mount Camera Battery
S-8192S V-Mount - $599 - in stock
S-8192A 3 Stud/Gold Mount - $599 - special order

Split style V-mount battery, which can be split into 2 parts of total 92Whx2 (184Wh) capacity. D-tap DC output makes it possible to power the camera and other equipment simultaneously. It has a 4-level LED indicator to give you a view of remaining power and a connecting shoe. The build-in intelligent circuit has multiple protections of abnormal current, voltage and temperature.

Warranty - 2 Year Canadian Warranty on all Swit V-Mount/3 Stud batteries.

Swit S-8082 Lithium-Ion 95Wh Battery
S-8082S V-Mount - $329 - in stock
S-8082A 3 Stud/Gold Mount - $329 - special order

Lightweight 95 Wh V-mount battery, with a D-tap socket for camera light or other equipment. It has a 4-level LED indicator to give you a view of remaining power before mounting to camera.

Swit SC-304 Simultaneous Charger
SC-304S V-Mount - $439 - special order
Dual V-Mount battery charger. Simultaneous charging. Warranty - 2 Year Canadian Warranty on all Swit V-Mount/3 Stud chargers.

Core SWX PowerBase 70 - $349 - more in May
The PB70 is a 77wh 14.8v lithium-ion battery pack. The Powerbase-70 mounts under the camera doubling as a grip or may attach to a Camera support via its 1/4-20 release plate or V-mount. Wired as a 14.8v battery pack it can provide extended power to up to two additional 12vdc devices, as well as other devices requiring lower voltage through an additional XP power regulation cable. The pack is also furnished with a 1/4-20 on either side to mount accessories.
Capacity: 77Wh, 4.8Ah
Design Voltage: 14.8v
Size: 6.25" x 1.8" x 3.3"
Weight: 1.4lbs

Switronix PB70QR - $35 - limited stock
PowerBase 70 Quick Release Plate.


ProTama PT-FVVC V-Mount Charger - $99 - in stock
This travel charger is fairly lightweight making it ideal for use on the road. Just connect this charger to the D-Tap port on your battery and charge. Charges a 95 Wh battery in under 2 hours. Has a higher output than a lot of other travel chargers, so it is faster.

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Wooden Camera WC V-Mount (C300 MK II) - $329 - special order

Blackmagic URSA V Lock Battery Plate - $135 - in stock
Want to power your URSA or URSA Mini from V-Mount batteries? Here's the plate that attaches to the back of the camera. Made specifically for the URSA and URSA Mini.

Anton Bauer Gold Mount for URSA Mini QRC Plate - $109 - special order

Rolux RL-IS2 V-Mount Plate - $75 - on back order
V-Mount plate to put on a cheeseplate. Has 1 D-Tap on the side (max 50w). Comes with screws to mount to said cheeseplate.

Swit V-Mount Plate S-7000s - $89 - more in soon
V-Mount plate to put on a cheeseplate. Has 1 D-Tap on the side.

Accessories for Red

SmallHD 700 Series V-Mount DCA Kit

Wooden Camera Battery Slide

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