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Sony Mirrorless Camera Cages


SmallRig Camera Cage for Sony a7II/a7RII/a7SII - $179 - in stock
(1982) Small Rig's heavy duty cage designed specifically for the popular Sony a7II line of cameras (a7II, a7R II, a7s II). Arri Rosette on the right side. Cold shoe built into the top. Lots and lots of 1/4-20 and 3/8 mounting holes all over. Also has Arri Locator pin mounts on the top and left side. NATO Rail on the left side. Comes with HDMI Clamp.

Small Rig a7II Accessories Kit Cage - $259 - call to check availability
(1894) Form-fitting cage that fits the Sony a7 II/a7S II/a7R II line of cameras. Comes with top handle w/NATO rail, cold shoe, and HDMI clamp. Lots of 1/4-20 holes for mounting. Anti-twist where the camera mounts to help keep your camera straight. 1/4-20 holes on the bottom to mount to a tripod or shoulder rig. Multiple cold shoe mounts built into the top handle and cage. Top handle can be easily removed to make the cage more compact, if required.

Small Rig Cage for Sony a7R III - $129 - in stock
( 2087) Built specifically for the Sony a7R III camera. Cold Shoe mount on the top for accessories. Lots of 1/4-20 and 3/8" mounting holes, and a few Arri Locator Pin holes too. Optional accessories include a top handle and HDMI Clamp.

Small Rig Cage Kit for Sony a7R III - $199 - in stocks
( 2103) Small Rig takes their a7RIII Cage (2087), and adds a NATO top handle, NATO Safety Rail, and a small arm.

Small Rig Sony a6500 Cage Accessory Kit - Reg $169 Sale $119 - in stock
(1968) - The kit includes a Sony A6500 cage, a top handle and a HDMI cable clamp. The form-fitting cage SR-1889 with quick release NATO rails, cold shoe and threaded holes for accessory attachment. The unified top handle SR-1638 attaches to the top for comfortable holding. And the HDMI cable clamp SR-1822 protects the HDMI cable well without obstructing usb port or other ports.


Tilta Camera Cage ES-T17-A - $719 - in stock
Fits all Sony a7 series cameras.

Tilta's ES-T17-A is an impressive and versatile camera rig for the professional shooter. It is the only form fitted cage compatible with all six versions of the Sony a7 full frame mirrorless camera. The cage is designed to fit around the hot shoe mount with easy access to the battery and side compartments. Among its many features include more than a hundred threaded hole mounts, a cold shoe mount and a 15-mm baseplate with an integrated lens adapter.


1 X 3/16 Socket Cap Screw
1 X A7 / A7S Quick Release Rail
1 X A7RII / A7SII Quick Release Rail
1 X Accessory Rail
1 X Micro (Male) To Standard (Female) HDMI Cable
1 X Micro HDMI Plug Protector
1 X Milti-Terminal USB Control Cable
1 X Single Rod Clamp
1 X Standard HDMI Plug Protector
1 X Support Bar For EF Lens Mount
1 X Support Bar For PL Lens Mount
1 X Thumbscrew
1 X Tilta Warranty Card
1 X Top Handle
1 X Wooden Handle
1 X A7 Lens Support Baseplate
1 X A7 Series Camera Cage
2 X 12 In. Threaded 15 Mm Rod (R15-300)
3 X 3mm Socket Cap Screw
4 X 4 Mm Flat Phillips Head Screw

Tilta ES-T27-A Cage - $739 - in stock
* Designed specifically for use with the Sony a6000, a6300, and a6500
* Built of high-quality Aluminum-alloy and Stainless Steel
* Fully enclosed uni-body camera rig is made from one piece of CNC machined aluminum
* Active cooling system provides much needed heat-exchange for the camera (requires 12V DC power source to operate)
* 15mm light-weight support baseplate with an integrated lens adapter
* Lens support is compatible with EF to E-Mount and PL to E-Mount Metabones Adapters
* Quick release system quickly unmounts the cage from the baseplate
* Function buttons, jacks, and the battery compartment are accessible while mounted in the ES-T27-A cage
* Integrated 15mm rail system


Shape Cage for Sony A7S II, A7R II, A7 II - $269 - special order
The cage is designed to give easy access to the control buttons, the side outputs and the battery compartment; which is an important thing when you are shooting. You will not waste any time removing the camera from the cage to access the memory card or to change the battery. An important feature of this cage is the micro-HDMI cable protector lock on the side to secure the use of your HDMI 4K cable. By leaving access open to the hot shoe on top of the camera, you can mount different accessories. This cage is compatible with the Sony XLR-K2M audio unit, so you can have great sound for your videos. There’s also another hot shoe on the top of the cage available for accessory attachments. You can attached the SHAPE handle with the red push button (ALPHAND). Integrated in the cage, we designed a Metabones® adapter support bracket. When there is no Metabones® adapter, the ¼-20 screw is captive so you don’t have to remove it from the cage and simply slide the bracket from under the cage.  This cage is easy to assemble and disassemble; you don’t need to remove any parts of it when you want to install the camera, it’s easy and fast. The camera is fixed with a ¼-20 screw with the threaded hole under it, and the position is secured with the back and the sides of the cage so it will not move forward when equipped with a heavier lens. You can also attached a delta adapter plate underneath the cage to mount the cage on a quick release and easily change from a tripod  to an handheld setup.  In addition to having access to all camera controls, you also have easy access to the lens release button. The support between the lens and the camera grip is designed to anticipate a clearing for the fingers when the camera is handheld, for an ergonomic grip.  The cage features several ¼-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes for attachments and is made from CNC machined aluminium.


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