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Updated May 24/19


Cinevate Camera Sliders

We have display models of sliders we stock for testing in the store. Scroll down to see all available models.

Find Cinevate Horizen here

Cinevate Duzi 4.0 Camera Slider

Cinevate Duzi V4 - 24" - $575 - in stock
Cinevate Duzi V4 - 32" - $620 - in stock
The best slider for under $800!! Super smooth. And made in Thunder Bay, eh!
* Included on-board flywheel delivers fluid & consistent slides
* Increased Stability (25%)
* Compatible with Modo – motion timelapse system <http://cinevate.com/modo>
* Load capacity of 100 lbs
* Increased Wheel Precision

Cinevate Duzi V4 All Terrain Legs - $159 - in stock

Cinevate All Terrain Ball Foot Replacement - $9 - in stock
907K - Works with Duzi and ATL.

Cinevate Grip Reacher V2 - $229 - in stock
Grip Reacher V2 is now made with a hollow 3/4" stainless steel rod. The Grip Reacher is an incredibly strong and versatile grip arm that enables you to mount and articulate your camera in countless configurations.

Cinevate Carrying Case for Duzi Slider
24" Case - $159 - in stock
32" Case - $170 - in stock

Carrying Strap for Duzi Slider - $37 - special order
Want to carry your Duzi on your shoulder? This strap will do it.

Cinevate Modo Drive - Motion Timelapse System - $255 - special order
Complete mechanical drive does not require power or batteries. No controllers, cables, or programming necessary. Effortlessly change from timelapse to manual slider mode in seconds. 2 speed capability (24 inches/hour & 34 inches/hour). Works under extreme weather conditions. Max load capacity of 8 lbs when level. Integrated bubble level. Solid CNC machined aluminum. Speed upgrades available (12 inches/hour & 17 inches/hour). Compatible with Modo multi-axis pan & tilt (not included).

Shutter Speeds:
Using the Fast Modo wheel and a 28mm lens, shutter speeds up to 8 seconds are possible when 6 feet from the subject.
Longer shutter speeds are possible by using the Slow Modo wheel or by increasing the distance from the subject.

Cinevate Modo Pan Timelapse 30 - $175 - in stock
Modo - Pan 30 minute motor: 1 frame every 1 second.

Cinevate Modo Pan Timelapse 60 - $175 - in stock
Modo - Pan 60 minute motor: 1 frame every 2 seconds.

Please call for pricing and availability for any Cinevate product not listed here.