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Updated July 29/20

Camera Top and Side Handles

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SmallRig Cold Shoe Handle - $69 - in stock
(2094) Key Features:
1. Can be mounted on the hot shoe of camera for handheld shooting.
2. Can be locked tight via a thumb screw manually for secure tightening.
3. Built-in cold shoe on the top of handle.
4. Includes a 15mm rod clamp.
5. 1/4’’-20 and 3/8’’-16 threaded holes for accessory mounting.

SmallRig Top Handle With Cold Shoe - $39 - more in soon
(1638B) Mounts onto the top of Small Rig camera cages to give you a top handle. Many 1/4-20 screw holes (and a few 3/8) to attach accessories to. Cold shoe on the front. Rounded edges makes this top handle comfortable and feel good in the hand.
( Package) Includes:
1 x Top Handle
1 x Hex Spanner
2 x 1/4" Screws

Small Rig Wooden Universal Handle - $110 - in stock
(2093) Key Features:
1.Ergonomic side handle for securely carrying hand-held cameras.
2.Fits for left or right side of camera cage.
3.Features 3/8”-16 and 1/4”-20 threaded holes for magic arm or ballhead attachment.
4.Comes with a cold shoe on the top allows to mount microphone and light.
5.Up and down adjustable.
6.Hex spanner store for storage and quick adjustment.
7.The wooden handle integrates with one piece aluminium alloy inside which makes it lightweight and durable.

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