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Updated Feb 5/2018

Camera Top Handles

Scroll down to see all available options. We have display models available for testing in the store.

Small Rig DSLR Top Shoe Handle V7 - $45 - more in soon
(1248) This top handle mounts into the hot shoe of your DSLR or video camera. Makes a big improvement on hand-held shooting. Rubber handle for a nice secure grip. Gives you a cold shoe to the top to mount other accessories, such as a mic or light. 1/4-20 screw holes for unlimited mounting options for other things. Well made. 6" Long x 2.5" Tall. Weighs 170g.

Tilta TT-NATO-H NATO Handle - $139 - in stock
• 8" Long Top Handle the Mounts to NATO Rail
• Mounts Horizontally (NATO Rail Track Perpendicular to Handle)
• Two Integrated Cold Shoe Mounts
• Spring-Loaded 1/4"-20 Thumbwheel Screw Installed in Base of Handle for Locking on Compatible NATO Rails, Normal Thumb Screw for Standard Rail Locking
NATO Rail sold separately.