Updated Apr 12/2014

DM Accessory Shoe Adapters for Sony and Canon Camcorders

ProMaster Canon Mini Shoe to universal shoe adapter - $25 - more in soon

ProMaster Sony Mini Shoe to universal shoe adapter - $25 - in stock

DM Accessories Sony AIS v.2 shoe adapter - $35 - in stock

This is an adapter for Sony Camcorders with the Active Interface Shoe (AIS) to allow it to accept generic / standard / cold / universal type shoe accessories, such as standard microphones, shotgun mics, lights and flash. This adapter tightens down securely, it will not rattle or fall out. The shoe is made of metal and powder coated, and the base is made from stainless steel. Please note that this is only a mechanical adapter. AIS-FLAT will not pass audio, flash signals or other electrical signals between the camcorder and mounted device.

DM Accessories Sony FX1 Flat - $35 - in stock
Replacement shoe mount for Sony FX-1 and Z1.

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