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Updated Aug 2/2017

Accessory Shoe Adapters

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Flash Shoe Mounts
These accessory shoe adaptors can be used to mount any accessory to a light stand via shoe.

ProMaster Umbrella Shoe Mount - $29 - in stock
Works with most standard size flash mounts. Turn any standard light stand into an photo flash stand. Built in umbrella holder.
Includes a shoe mount to mount your portable electronic flash or any other shoe mounted accessory on a light stand.

Lastolite Tilthead Flash Mount - Reg $39 SALE $19 - in stock
Umbrella flash mount that can be used with light stud or 1/4-20 mount. Can be used to mount any accessory to a light stand via shoe.

ProMaster Acessory Shoe to 1/4 Adapter - $10 - in stock
This is a heavy duty full adjustable accessory shoe that can be mounted on any 1/4 - 20 thread post like a tripod or light stand for maximum flexibility. Does not include mounting screw.

Wooden Camera Universal Hot Shoe to 1/4 female - $30 - in stock
The Wooden Camera Hot Shoe attaches to any 1/4-20 threaded hole. It is great for mounting on-camera lights, microphone shock mounts, flashes and more. Includes 1/4 mounting screw.

D/Focus Cold Shoe Adapter - Reg $20 Sale $15 - limited stock
Need a cold shoe on your cage, rig or other miscellaneous device? This adapter from D/Focus is a good quality solution to mounting devices, such as
lights, monitors, and mics, that use a standard shoe-type mount. The D/Focus Cold Shoe Adapter mounts to anything that you can thread a 1/4-20" screw
into. CNC machined from aluminum. Made in the US.

IiKan SM-201 Ultra Heay Duty Ball Mount - $39 - in stock
iKan's Ultra-Heavy Duty Camera Shoe Mount allows you to safely and securely mount field monitors, LED lights and other production gear to your camera.

iKan SM-103 Ball Mount - $25 - in stock
1/4" to shoe mount. Perfect for mounting a Zoom recorder on your camera or stabilizing rig. For light-weight accessories only.

Delvcam SM Ball Head - $45 - more in mid-August
Mounts monitors to any camera hot shoe. Made out of aluminum. It is not the nicest looking, but it is strong, so it can take heavy monitors, unlike most ball heads.

Sony VCT-CSM1 Shoe to 1/4-20 Mount - $25 - in stock
The Camera Shoe Mount from Sony is a 1/4"-20 to shoe mount adapter that can be used to attach an audio recorder or other accessory that features a 1/4"-20 threaded hole. Fits Multi-Interface Shoe.


ProMaster Shoe Mount to 1/4 " male - $15 - in stock
Fits 1/4" mounted accessories on a hot shoe.

Rycote Shoe Mount to 1/4 " male - $22 - in stock
Fits 1/4" mounted accessories on a hot shoe. Brass stem for extra durability.

Rycote Shoe Mount to 3/8 " adapter - $22 - more in soon
Fits 3/8" mounted accessories on a hot shoe. Brass stem for extra durability.

Accessory Shoe Adapters for Sony and Canon Camcorders

DM Accessories MIS-SHOE - $39 - in stock
Need to put a mic or light onto certain Sony camcorders, but are stymied by that crazy Sony hot-shoe-like port that doesn't fit anything, except certain Sony accessories? Here's the solution. This adapter tightens down securely, and won't fall out. Shoe is made out of metal, and the base is made from stainless steel. Note that this adapter is strictly mechanical, and will not pass any electrical signals between the camcorder and the mounted device. Also note that is adapter is only for the Sony Multi Interface Shoe (MIS), which is on newer Sony camcorders. This is a different shoe from the older Sony AIS or IAS system.

Compatible Sony Camcorders - FDR-AX100, HDR-CX900, HDR-PJ430V/J540/J650/J790, or any Sony camcorder with the Multi Interface
Shoe (MIS).

Promaster Sony AIS shoe adapter - $25 - in stock
Any camcorder with the "AIS" or Active Interface Shoe socket should be compatible. The manual or product specifications will say what type of accessory shoe it is. Compatible Sony Camcorders - Sony HDR-CX7, HDR-CX730, HDR-HC1, HC3, HC5, HC7, HC9, SR1, SR5, SR7, SR10, SR11, SR12, UX1, UX5, UX7, HXRMC50U, HDR-XR520v, HDR-XR550, HDR-SR12, HDR-CX730E, CX740V, CX760, CX760V, PJ710V, PJ720, PJ740V, PJ760, PJ760V are known compatible.

Sony FX1 Flat - Reg $35 Sale $15 - in stock
Replacement accessory shoe mount for Sony FX-1 and Z1.

ProMaster Canon Mini Shoe to universal shoe adapter - $25 - in stock

ProMaster Sony Mini Shoe to universal shoe adapter - $25 - special order

Manfrotto 492LCD Hot Shoe Ball Head - currently unavailable
Has a 1/4-20 camera tie-down screw and the base fits on to all standard shoe-mounts. Best for heavier accessories, such as LCD monitors, camera lights. Weight: .33 lbs. Height: 2.52". Load capacity 4.41 lbs.

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