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Updated Aug 25/2017


Lens Gears


Kamerar Universal Lens Gear - $23 - in stock
This spare lens gear works with any follow focus with a .8 pitch gear. Purchasing these spare Universal Lens Gears can save you time and speed up your production by adding one gear for each lens in your production.

SevenOak Focus & Zoom Controller SK-F03 - $17 - in stock
A simple but useful focus and zoom controller designed for most DSLR cameras. Designed with adjustable diameter, SK-F03 is compatible with almost any DSLR lenses and fits for most DSLR cameras. SK-F03 can be used for controlling both the focus and zoom, it is very simple and easy to operate, and make your whole video kit much lighter. With the compact and lightweight design, you can carry it anytime and anywhere.

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