Updated Apr 12/2014


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Tilta 4x4 Lightweight Matte Box - $549 - in stock

Durable, rugged, and equipped with professional features, the Tilta 4x4 Lightweight Matte Box is the answer to taking your shooting setup to the next level. Have control over your images like never before, with the ability to block unwanted light spillage from hitting your lens. The two 4x4 filter holders allow you to use industry standard size filters, including polarizing and neutral density filters to further manipulate and perfect your image. For added creativity, you can use unique effect filters with the rotating filter holder—the flexibility is nearly limitless. The matte box features a swing away design, making lens changes a breeze, and works with virtually any camera system with the included 15mm rod adaptor. Additionally, you get four lens adaptors (72mm, 80mm, 90mm, 114mm), “nuns knickers” fabric lens donut, to ensure complete rear coverage of your lens, and a top French Flag to block out excess light spill.

Tilta 4x4 Carbon Fiber Matte Box - $879 - in stock

The sturdy, lightweight Tilta 4x4 Carbon Fiber Matte Box features two independent 4 x 4 rotating filter stages and mounts onto 15mm rods. It is compatible with lenses up to 100 mm in diameter and incorporates a swing-away design for rapid lens changes. Included removable top and side flags can be set and locked to block stray light from flaring your lens. The included anti-reflection rings protect your image by blocking stray light behind the camera bouncing off of filters in the matte box and flaring your image.


D|Focus Complete Matte Box Kit - $399 - in stock

Now available as a "complete" matte box, the D|Matte Complete is the same as the original D|Matte but includes a swing away, 15mm rod support bracket and side flags. The D|Matte is entirely modular and can be rod mounted, clipped to the camera lens or both at the same time for extra support. D|Matte follows in the D|Focus V3's footsteps providing a professional style tool at a price the hobbyist can afford. The D|Matte was specifically designed with DSLR lenses in mind. The Complete version includes the top and side flags, 15mm, swing away, rod support bracket and lens sock.

Made of durable ABS plastic and aluminum
Two 4 x 4 filter slots, one rotating
Very lightweight, 18 oz for the Complete D|Matte
Adjustable french flag, aluminum side flags, and a swing away rail mount (15mm rails)
NOTE: The D|Matte ships with an 82mm adapter ring. A step ring is needed to mount the D|Matte to a lens with a different filter thread [for the clip on version.] Step rings are not included.

D|Focus Cine Bundle Kit - $799 - more in soon

The Cine Bundle is a serious tripod-mounted camera support and one of the simplest and most affordable ways to "Cinema-ize" your DSLR. It includes the JAG35 DLSR Baseplate with 8 inch rods, The D|Focus V3, a D|Gear, D|Crank and the D|Matte Matte Box. The 8 inch rods are long enough to support a follow focus and matte box with some extra room for additional accessories such as an external monitor. (As pictured above, camera not included)

DV Shop Genus Wide Angle Matte Box Package - Reg $679 Sale $549 - limited stock
Package includes Wide Angle Matte Box, French Flag, 15mm Bar adapter and Nun's Knickers

Genus Wide Angle Matte Box - $469 - in stock
Genus French Flag - $99 - in stock
Genus 15mm Bar Adapter - $69 - in stock
Genus Nun's Knickers - $69 - in stock
Genus Lens Adapter Rings for Clip On - $39 - special order
(Have to specify filter size - 37mm to 86mm are available)
Genus 4x4 Filter Trays (spares) - $109 - special order

Genus Swing Away Bracket - Reg $229 Sale $172 - limited stock
Genus Height Adjust Mount - $129 - in stock

The Genus Wide Angle Matte Box is a lightweight, compact, well-made matte box that can either be mounted on 15mm rails (with optional adapter) or clip-on with an additional ring that screws into the filter thread of the lens it is attaching to. Matte box has two filter trays (4x4), and one tray is rotating. French Flag is optional. A good choice for either DSLRs or video cameras.


DV Shop Genus "Panavision" Matte Box Package - $1299 - special order
Package includes Pana Matte Box, French Flag, Side Flags, Height Adjustable 15mm Bars adapter and Nun's Knickers

Check some pictures of this gear in action here

Genus Pana Matte Box - $779 - special order
Genus French Flag for Pana - $109 - special order
Genus Side Flags for Pana - $239 - special order
Genus Height Adjustable 15mm Bar Adapter - $129 - in stock
Genus Nun's Knickers - $69 - special order

* Wide rayshade to accommodate wide-angle lenses
* Fits a large range of lenses, both standard and wide
* Two lockable filter holders; one fixed and one 360° rotatable Clamp ring caters for lenses and wide angle adaptors up to Ø105mm
* Can be either clip-on (with optional adapter rings) or 15mm rail mounted
* A selection of screw-in adaptors rings to fit 58mm to 86mm lenses are available for the clip-on option
* Light weight and compact, the GPVCMC holds two 4x5.65” filters securely; one of which is fully rotatable.

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