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Updated Dec 7/2017

Monopods for Video and Photography

We have display models of all our monopods in the store for testing. Scroll down to see all available models.

Manfrotto 558B Quick Release Monopod - Reg $139 Display Model on Sale $99
Monopods are one of those accessories that everyone should have. They're inexpensive, lightweight, and can help tremendously to keep your shots steady. The perfect tool when you are doing long takes and having a tripod isn't practical. Also useful for raising the camera over your head to get shots from above. Includes quick release plate.

Manfrotto XPROA3 - 3 Section Monopod - Reg $99 Sale $79 - limited stock
* Load Capacity: 22.05 lb
* Max Height: 62.99"
* Closed Length: 24.8"
* Sections: 3
* Weight: 1.54 lb
* Aluminum Construction
* Rubber Grip, Wrist Strap
* Flip-Lock Leg Sections

Manfrotto MPMXPROA5 - 5 Section Monopod - Reg $119 SALE $99 - in stock - sale ends Dec 23
* Photo monopod dedicated to travellers
* Fits in backpacks and messenger camera bags
* New rubber leg warmer design for fast & secure movement
* Quick Power Lock system for rapid, effortless and reliable set up
* Compatible with Manfrotto’s FLUIDTECH base
* Min Height 41 cm
* Maximum Height 141 cm

Manfrotto MMXPROA5 Monopod - $125 - no longer available
5-section Aluminum monopod with a maximum height of 55.5", a folded length of 16.3", supports up to 13.2 lb, and weighs just 1.5 lb. The XPRO monopod line utilizes the Manfrotto Quick Power Flip-Lock to facilitate rapid set-up and break-down while maintaining strength and rigidity. The D-shaped aluminum tubing helps to improve overall stability by preventing unwanted rotation inside the locking mechanism. The integrated rubber legwarmer provides a comfortable grip in both hot and cold weather while the provided wrist-strap adds extra security.


Manfrotto MVMXPRO500 Video Monopod - $359 - in stock
* Load Capacity: 11 lb
* Max Height: 79.9"
* Closed Length: 30.7"
* Sections: 4
* Weight: 4.6 lb
* Pan and Tilt Video Head
* Full Fluid Base
* Quick Power Flip Locks
* D-Shaped Anti-Twist Tubes
* Rubber Grip, Wrist Strap

Manfrotto Video Monopod MVMXPROA4 - $249 - more in soon
Max Height 192cm (75.6 in)
Min Height 68cm (26.8 in)
Max Payload 8kg (17.6lns)
Material Aluminium

Manfrotto MVMXPROA5 Video Monopod - $259 - in stock
* Load Capacity: 11 lb
* Max Height: 60.2"
* Closed Length: 20.7"
* Sections: 5
* Weight: 2.4 lb
* FLUIDTECH Panning Base
* Rubber Leg Warmer, Hand Strap
* 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 Screw
* Power-Lock Flip Locks
* Anti-Rotation D-Shaped Leg Sections

Sirui P-204SR Aluminum Monopod - $209 - in stock
The P-204SR Aluminum Photo/Video Monopod from Sirui is a 4-section aluminum monopod with three fold-down support feet for additional stability. In addition, an adjustable friction control ball head mechanism in the base of the monopod and a panning hand grip enable smooth 360° pan and 20° tilt movements. The three support feet fold up and lock into position against the monopod and can even be removed entirely and used as a table-top tripod. A large rubber base foot is available for conventional use and it can be removed and replaced with the included spike foot for use on soft or slippery ground. It weighs just 2.9 lb but can support a load up to 17.6 lb. The mounting plate on the P-204SR comes with a reversible screw that accommodates 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 tripod sockets or compatible heads. The maximum height reaches 63" and it can fold down to 27", three twist locks provide quick and stable adjustment. With adjustable tension control, the base locking collar enables the monopod to stand upright on its own.

Sirui P-224SR Carbon Fiber Monopod - $315 - special order
* Load Capacity: 17.6 lb
* Max Height: 63"
* Closed Length: 27"
* Sections: 4
* Weight: 2.4 lb
* Removable Base Converts to Mini Tripod
* 360° Panning Hand Grip
* Rubber and Spiked Foot
* 8-Layer 100% Carbon Fiber Build

Manfrotto Compact Advanced Monopod (Black) - $45 - in stock
This monopod is ideal for shooting pictures and movies with entry level DSLRs with standard zoom lenses up to 200mm. The quick wheel allows for one-handed attachment to the camera in a matter of seconds. The reinforced tubes and the five section design means you can reach a maximum height of 155cm/61in guaranteeing great stability with compact dimensions. Closed length is 41.5 cm making this momopod perfect for travel.

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