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Updated Apr 8/19

NATO Accessories

Tilta TT-NATO-H NATO Handle - $139 - in stock
• 8" Long Top Handle the Mounts to NATO Rail
• Mounts Horizontally (NATO Rail Track Perpendicular to Handle)
• Two Integrated Cold Shoe Mounts
• Spring-Loaded 1/4"-20 Thumbwheel Screw Installed in Base of Handle for Locking on Compatible NATO Rails, Normal Thumb Screw for Standard Rail Locking
NATO Rail sold separately.

SmallRig NATO Handle Kit - $75 - more in soon
( 2003) Small Rig NATO Handle Kit comes with the NATO top handle and a 70mm NATO rail to attach to your cage or camera. Handle has a cold shoe to mount accessories, such as a light, mic or monitor. Also, lots of 1/4-20 and 3/8 holes as well. The advantage of a NATO system is you can quickly detach the handle from the rail without unscrewing it - it just slides off. Also, sinceit slides left and right, it also can be tweaked position-wise for balance.

SmallRig NATO Rails

4 cm (1409) - $15 - in stock
7 cm (1195) - $12 - in stock
10 cm (1134) - $20 - in stock

This NATO rail attaches to your cage or camera with 2 screws (1/4-20) that are included. Let's you attach any NATO accessory to it (handle, clamps,
etc). Has spring-loaded pins on both ends to prevent accidental removal.