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Updated Sept 18/19

Rail Blocks, Lens Support, Rail Mount Accessories

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Cinevate Rail Block - $49 - in stock
The Cinevate CI-RA-AS-000002 is a block system for 15mm carbon fiber rails (rods). This block system will mount to a tripod mount plate, camera plate, adjustable Brevis mount or any combination of upright 15mm rods. Mounting configurations are only contained by imagination and accessories.

Cinevate Uno Universal Accessory Mount - $159 - in stock
Many accessories like transmitters and LCD monitors provide a female 1/4" 20 thread for mounting. This Uno Universal Accessory mount can be affixed to a 15mm rod, and configured nearly anywhere on your rig. A single "Kip" handle allows you to toollessly adjust the universal mount to virtually any direction, angle or rotation.

IndiPro Tools 15mm Rail Clamp (15MMC) - $39 - in stock
This dual 15mm rail clamp allows you to mount anything with a female 1/4 screw to 15mm rails, including the IndiPro PowerPod. Only negative thing is there is no washer holding the screw in, so be careful not to lose it.

SmallRig Single Rail Block - $17 - in stock
(860) 15mm Mounting Clamp easily attaches to any 15mm rod and provides a 1/4"-20 mount for attaching accessories.

SmallRig Mini Mounting Plate w/15mm Clamp - $49 - in stock
(1906) A useful way to attach accessories such as microphones, wireless receivers, arms, etc. to a 15mm rod. Has 2 cold shoes, four 1/4-20 screw holes, and one 3/8 screw hole. Single 15mm clamp. 3.5" L x 1.25" W.

SmallRig 15mm LWS Universal Lens Support - $59 - in stock
(2152) SmallRig 15mm LWS Universal Lens Support 2152 is designed to remove the weight stress from camera's lens mount. It is compatible with any standard 15mm rods system and allows to adjust 6mm Horizontal and 22mm Vertical. The lens support is one piece anti-off designed 1/4"-20 threaded rod and includes a Y-bracket support. The half rod clamp structure allows to quick attachment/detachment without removing other rod-mount accessories. It features a hole to for a hex spanner as a second secure point.

Metabones Mount Rod Support Kit - $169 - call to check
Works with all metabones adapters with tripod foot.

Tilta Lens Support - $79 - special order
#LS-T03. Attaches to your 15mm rails and gives support for long, heavy lenses. Not as elegant as other solutions, but this Tilta costs less and does the job.

Shape Lens Support - $109 - in stock
The LENS SUPPORT is composed of a lens support bracket and a SLIDING ROD BLOCK. The lens rests on the lens support bracket. The height of the lens support bracket is adjustable. The LENS SUPPORT is attached to the 15mm rods. The LENS SUPPORT is compatible with all our camera supports equipped with the 15MM ROD SYSTEM or the 15MM ROD RISER SYSTEM. Made of lightweight anodized aluminum for strength and durability.

Shape Universal Lens Support Pro - $125 - in stock
* 15mm LWS Rod Clamp
* Height-Adjustable Support Shaft
* 1/4"-20 and 3/8"16 Threaded Studs
* Y-Shaped Universal Support

Shape Off Set Rail Bloc - $129 - Display Model on Sale $99
This rail bloc lets you offset your 15mm rails to either the left or the right. Has to attach to the Shape Paparazzi. 2.875"/7.3cm adjustment range. Single red knob for fast and easy adjustment. CNC machined with high quality aircraft grade aluminum. Made in Canada.

Manfrotto Universal Mount MVA517W - Reg $79 Display Model on Sale $59
The Manfrotto SYMPLA Universal Mount can be used to attach various SYMPLA and non-SYMPLA accessories to SYMPLA rods or to any other standard-size 15mm rods. The device features an open hook design, four 3/8" screw-holes, and two 1/4" screw-holes. Into the open hooks you would slide in your rods. And into the screw-holes you can attach pretty much any 3/8" and 1/4" accessory. On the inside of the open hooks is a spring-loaded flat bar that you would press on with the rods as you slide the rods in. Once the rods are in, you can lock a lever to secure them tight in place. However, even before you lock the lever, the spring loaded bar will press up against the rods, keeping them in place -- not securely but firmly enough to keep the device from sliding off of the rods. (The lever is repositionable. The looser you keep it, the weaker the flat bar will be.) Some 3/8" and 1/4" SYMPLA accessories that can be attached onto the Universal Mount are the Flexible Matte box, Shoulder Pad, V-Offset, Body and Lens Supports and Adjustable Handles.

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