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Updated Nov 25/2017

Rails, Baseplates, Lens Support & Accessories

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Tilta Lightweight Base Plate and 5" 15mm Dovetail - $389 - in stock
The BS-T05-S is comprised of a lightweight base plate, two 300mm, 15mm rods, and a 5 inch 15mm dovetail plate. Perfect for small camera systems, this light-but durable kit allows for mounting light accessories to the 15mm rod system while achieving the best balance on your tripod or other support gear through the dovetail system.
Comes with:
1x 5" Lightweight Dovetail Plate (TT-C17)
1x Lightweight Base Plate (TT-C06-15)
2x 15mm 12” Rods

Tilta 15mm Lightweight Baseplate + LSW Dovetail Plate BS-T05-01 - $779 - special order
This Baseplate has 2 ARRI Rosette mounts and includes both 10” and 5” Dovetail plates. Includes a pair of 12” aluminum 15mm rods.  Rugged aluminum-alloy body with stainless steel components.

IndiPro IndiBase - Reg $129 - Display Model on Sale $99
A good economical baseplate for lightweight D-SLRs. Comes with 9" 15mm rods (non-threaded, so you can't extend them), 1/4"-20 screw to mount the camera, a 3/8" thread on the bottom to mount to a tripod (3/8 to 1/4" adapter included). The base is height-adjustable. With the 15mm rods, you can attach a follow focus, matte box, etc.

Shape DSLR Kirk Neff Baseplate 2.0 - $209 - in stock
This baseplate from Shape is specifically designed for DSLRs. Comes with 8" 15mm rods to mount a matte box or follow focus. Rods are removable, so you can replace them with longer or shorter rods if required. Quick release plate so that you can take the camera off the baseplate quickly. Mounting holes (1/4-20 and 3/8) on the bottom of the baseplate to attach it to a tripod. FYI - the rods are not height adjustable. Made in Canada.

Shape 15MM Rod System & Paparazzi Riser - $199 - in stock
For advanced video accessories like matte boxes, 35mm lens adapter and follow focus mechanisms. Holds the weight of these accessories so no additional weight is put on the lens. Composed of the PAPARAZZI RISER, a SLIDING ROD BLOCK and two 15mm rods (8" / 20.3 cm long).

Shape RODSUP2 - $79 - in stock
Attaches to the back of the Shape 15mm Rod System to give you rod support on the back of the baseplate for more stability, especially if you are mounting items on the back of the baseplate and extending the 15mm rods to the back. It is identical to the rod support that is on the front of the baseplate.

Shape VISCAM1 - $16 - in stock
The Shape VISCAM1Camera Screw Knob has a standard 1/4" 20 screw to fit most cameras' screw mounts. This part enables you to secure the camera to a support plate or riser, tightening by hand.

Shape 15mm Rods (Silver)
Made out of lightweight aluminum. Note - no threads, so these can't be extended.
4" Pair
- $39 - in stock
8" Pair - $49 - in stock
12" Pair - $65 - in stock
18" Pair - $69 - in stock

Small Rig 15mm Rods (Black Aluminum)
Made out of lightweight aluminum alloy. These have threads in them, female, on both ends.
4" Pair (1049) - $17 - in stock
8" Pair
(1051) - $20 - in stock
12" Pair (1053) - $25 - in stock
18" Pair (1055) - $40 - in stock

Small Rig 15mm Rods (Carbon Fibre)
Made out of carbon fibre, so they are a bit lighter than aluminum rods. However, we are not sure they will be as durable as aluminum rods, and take the same amount of abuse.
8" Pair (870) - $25 - in stock
12" Pair (851) - $40 - in stock
18" Pair (871) - $60 - in stock

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