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Updated Apr 10/2017

Rain Covers For Video Cameras


Sachtler SR400 Raincover for Cinema EOS C100 - $149 - in stock
This professional rain cover is custom fitted for the C100 only.

Manfrotto CRC13 Rain Cover - $89 - in stock
The Pro Light CRC-13 PL video camera raincover is made of waterproof RipStop with crystal clear TPU panels for easy viewing of all camera controls. No need to stop shooting in harsh weather conditions, the cover slips on quickly to protect extra small camcorder models. Fits Canon XA 20 and similar cameras.

Kata CRC14 PL - $89 - in stock
Designed for camcorders, or an video DSLR set-up with an external viewfinder and shotgun mic attached.
Fits Sony F3, Panasonic AF100, Canon XH A1/s, G1/s and similar model camcorders:
JVC GY-HM100. Panasonic: AG-HMC40, AG HPX170, AG-DVC30, AG HMC150, AG-DVX100/A/B/AE/BE, AG-DVC80, AG-DVX102, AG HMC151E, AG-AF101E, AG HPX171E. Sony DSR-PD150/P, DSR-PD170/P, DSR-PD175/P, HVR-V1/E, NEX-VG10.

Manfrotto CRC14 PL - $99 - in stock
Fits Panasonic AG-AC160, AG-HMC150, Sony PMW-100, or similarly sized models

Manfrotto MB PL-CRC15 PL - $119 - in stock
Compatible with cameras such as:
Canon XF300, Sony F3 and similar model camcorders:
Panasonic AG HVX200A/AG, AG-HVX202, AG-HVX200, AG HVX205A, AG HVX201AE/AG
Sony PMW EX1, PMW EX1R, HVR Z5U/E, HXR-NX5E/M/U, HVR Z7/E, HVR-Z1/E/N/P, HDR AX2000/E, HDR FX1000/E, HDR FX1, etc.

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