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Updated Feb 5/2018

Seven Oak Camera Shoulder Rigs

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Sevenoak Camera Shoulder Support Rig - Reg $189 On Sale $113 - limited stock
Sevenoak Counter Weight - $40 - in stock
Constructed of high quality aluminum and stainless steel material, the shoulder rig has been designed to reduce fatigue when filming long sessions. You can adapt every element of the Sevenoak shoulder rig to balance the rig. Almost all adjustments are made using thumbscrews, and can be further tightened with a wrench if necessary. Safely carries up to 5 to 6 lbs. Can be completely adapted to your body structure resting on your left or right shoulder.

Seven Oak Dual Handle Shoulder Support Rig - $269 - special order
The bigger brother to the popular Seven Oak Shoulder Rig, this adds a second handle for more comfortable operation. Unlike a lot of inexpensive shoulder rigs out there, this one is actually comfortable. For use with DSLRs and smaller video cameras. We strongly strongly recommend the optional counterweight, as it provides the necessary counter-balance. Maximum weight we recommend is 5-6 lbs/3 kg.

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