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Updated May 8/18

Shape Camera Shoulder Rigs & Accessories

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Shape Shoulder Rig for Canon C300

Shape DSLR Kirk Neff Off-Set Shoulder Rig - $679 - in stock
(DSLRKN2) A good quality, lightweight shoulder rig from those crazy Shape people in Montreal. Made for D-SLR shooters, this rig has the off-set bracket so that the DSLR is in front of you. Has the world-famous Shape handles. Baseplate has a quick-release plate built in for easy on and off. The whole rig is based on 15mm rails, so you can add any accessory that fits on 15mm rails, such as a follow focus, matte box, cheesplate, etc. We do strongly recommend getting the optional counter-weight. The Shape shoulder rig can quickly come apart for transportation, or for putting the baseplate on a tripod.

Shape Composite Grip - $649 - more in soon
Adjustable, lightweight and compact shoulder mount camera rig. Unique patented Shape Quick Handle push-button technology. Shape Paparazzi Riser with several threaded holes (1/4-20” and 3/8-16”). Compatible with all 15mm rod systems. Length-adjustable rods using red knobs on Shape Rod Bloc. Height-adjustable Shape Sliding Rod Bloc using black knob. Perfect for DSLRs and video cameras.

Shape Mini Adjustable Composite Shoulder Pad (SHPAD3) - $169 - in stock
Smaller shoulder pad that can mount to 15mm rods.

Shape Composite Shoulder Pad (SHPAD1) - $179 - in stock
Larger shoulder pad that can mount to 15mm rods.

Shape Counter Weight (PADCW1) - $69 - in stock
The Counter Weight from SHAPE is an important video rig accessory that increases the stability of your shoulder rig by balancing and counter-weighting heavy camera equipment. The relief provided by the Counter Weight reduces strain on the user's arms and allows for easy adjustment of the rig's forward handles. The weight is easily attached and detached with the use of a simple screw-knob, and may be removed quickly when not needed. Additionally, the side of the weight facing the user is padded to increase user comfort and prevent injury. At just 4 lb, the Counter Weight is a great accessory to keep with your mobile kit—especially to offset the heft of many popular video cameras.

Small Rig Shoulder Pad - $69 - in stock
( 1485) A good, economical shoulder pad that attaches to 15mm rods. More comfortable than the regular shoulder pads at this price point are. Fabric material and foam for the part that rests on your shoulder. For fun, some 1/4-20 screw holes to mount/attach things to. No easy way to attach a counter weight though, unless you do it to the 15mm rods.

Rail Handles

Shape Quick Handle and Rod Block - $379 - in stock
(HAND5) - Each handle can rotate individually on 360 degrees. Simply push and hold the button, located at the articulation, and rotate the handle. Once the button is released, the handle stays firmly in place and will not moved at all. When installed on a COMPOSITE camera support, the QUICK HANDLE is equipped with a ROD BLOCK used to attach it to 15mm rods. The QUICK HANDLE can slide along the rods for precise positioning. To secure the position of the QUICK HANDLE, simply tighten the small red knob found on the ROD BLOCK.

Shape Single Handle Arri Rosette - $249 - in stock
(HAND1) The Single Handle with ARRI Rosette from SHAPE features SHAPE's quick-lock button technology. The handle can rotate on a 360° axis. The handle and arm can be rotated by pushing the red button. Once the button is released, the handle is secured firmly in place. Is meant to attach to a baseplate, cage or device that has an Arri Rosette on it.

Shape Paparazzi Rod Block - $229 - special order
The PAPARAZZI I WITH BLOC is a different version of the popular PAPARAZZI I HANDLE. It provides a ROD BLOC at one end for the user to choose the best set up on the camera support and still offers the same accessory attachment options. The PAPARAZZI I WITH BLOC provides a parallel position instead of a perpendicular one and can be attached in two different ways. This easy-to-use ergonomic design is simple to adjust and customize according to your specific needs. Front rods can be added to attach accessories such as a matte box, a follow focus as well as many other 15mm industry standard accessories. All CNC machined, high quality aircraft grade aluminum parts are hard anodized for a resistant finish and assembled with stainless steel screws to prevent rusting. It is compatible with most COMPOSITE SERIES MODELS.

Shape Rod Bloc For Paparazzi RODSUP5 - $69 - in stock
Meant for use with the Paparrazi handle.

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