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Updated Apr 26/2017

Tripod Accessories, Quick Release Plates


Manfrotto Quick Release 577 - $80 - in stock
Compatible with the Manfrotto plates for the 501, 502, 503, 504, 519 and 701HDV heads.

Manfrotto 500 PLONG - $49 - more in soon
This long version of the standard plate allows perfect balance for camcorders with unusual weight distribution caused by long telescopic lenses or heavy batteries. Supplied with 1x1/4” and 1x3/8” camera screws and anti-rotation pin.

Manfrotto 501 PL - $42 - in stock
Accessory plate replacement part for 501/501HDV, 503/503HDV, 701HDV, and 519 video heads.

Manfrotto 504 PLONG - $45 - in stock
Accessory plate replacement part for 504 video heads, or can be used as a long plate for the 500/501/502/503/701HDV heads.

Manfrotto 200 PL - 14 "RC2" - $26 - in stock
Accessory plate for smaller Manfrotto photo and video heads

Manfrotto Quick Release 323 - $50 - in stock
Compatible with the Manfrotto 128, 200 and 390RC photo heads

Manfrotto 357PLV Plate - $39 - in stock
Accessory plate replacement part for 357

Manfrotto Quick Release 357 - $69 - in stock
Compatible with the Manfrotto 316, 510, and 516 heads - includes 357PLV Plate.

Shape 577QR Quick Release - $59 - in stock
A generic version of the top-selling Manfrotto 577 Quick Release, with the added bonus of bubble levels.

Delkin Fat Gecko Quick Release Kit - $39 - in stock
Quick release plate system. Has 1/4" 3/8" mounting hole on the bottom. Plate is Arc Swiss compatible.

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E-Image VCT Quick Release Tripod Adapter - $259 - special order
A good quality, lower cost VCT receiver plate that mounts onto your existing tripod. For use with devices that have a male VCT, such as the shoulder kit on the Blackmagic URSA Mini, other shoulder baseplates, and various larger camcorders. Easily mountable, as it has five 1/4"-20 and seven 3/8"-16 screw holes spaced along the length of bottom. Dimensions - 11" L x 3" W x 1" T.

Camgear TA-2 VCT14 Release Plate - $239 - in stock
Compatible with the Blackmagic URSA Mini Shoulder Rig, this VCT14 style receiver plate can mount to any heavy duty tripod via 1/4-20 tor 3/8 thread mounts. Allows for VCT style shoulder rigs to be attached and removed quickly with a simple spring loaded lock lever.

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Vanguard Multi-Mount 6 Tripod Utility Bar - $99 - in stock
Multi-Mount 6 enables you to mount two cameras or camera accessories such as a flash unit to a single tripod. It quickly and easily attaches to the tripod. Multi-mount attaches easily and quickly to your tripod with a 1/4"-20 screw and uses the same size to fasten your camera, flash, spotting scope, a second camera, etc. to the two sliding bar heads. At each end of the Multi-mount is a 3/8"-16 screw for attaching a ball head, pan head, etc. Please make sure your tripod is stable to prevent tipping. Dimensions (Diam. x L) 1.13 x 24" (28 x 450mm) Weight 2.36 lb (1.07 kg)

Dual Axis Bubble Level - $10 - in stock
Just slide the bubble level into your cameras accessory shoe and adjust your tripod head until you achieve level. The dual axis design makes it easy to achieve a level horizon when shooting either horizontally or vertically.

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