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Updated Apr 18/19


V-Mount Battery Plates


Swit S-7005S Gold Mount to V Adapter - $139 - in stock
This battery adapter plate let's you use V-Mount batteries on a Gold Mount battery plate. This S-7005S plate locks into your existing Gold Mount
battery plate, and lets you put your V-Mount batteries on it. Has a D-Tap outlet on the side to power accessories.

Swit S-7005A V-Mount to Gold Adapter - $139 - in stock
This battery plate let's you use Gold Mount batteries on a V-Mount battery plate. This S-7005A plate locks into your existing V-Mount battery plate, and let's you to put Gold Mount batteries onto it. Has a D-Tap outlet on the side to power accessories.

Swit S-7010S V-Mount Battery Plate - $129 - in stock
V-Mount battery plate to mount on cheeseplates, etc. Comes with D-Tap outlet on the side to power accessories (maximum load 10A). Also comes with a USB out, to power USB powered accessories, or your phone. Also has a barrel power adapter (2.1mm diameter, 7.2v, max 3A) to power accessories. Note - this plate does not come with screws. Dimensions 3"/80mm W x 4.5"/115mm T.

Swit S-7200S V-Mount Battery Plate With Clamp - $149 - in stock
S-7000S is a V-mount plate with a 14.4V D-tap output socket. The back metal plate has thread holes for camera assembly.

Blackmagic URSA V Lock Battery Plate - $129 - special order
Want to power your URSA or URSA Mini from V-Mount batteries? Here's the plate that attaches to the back of the camera. Made specifically for the URSA and URSA Mini and URSA Mini Pro.

Rolux RL-IS2 V-Mount Plate - $75 - in stock
V-Mount plate to put on a cheeseplate. Has 1 D-Tap on the side (max 50w). Comes with screws to mount to said cheeseplate.

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