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Update July 8/20


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Canon EOS C700 4K Cinema Camera
EF Mount - Body Only - $42,899 - special order
PL Mount - Body Only - $42,899 - special order


* Super 35mm CMOS Sensor
* EF Cinema Lock Type Mount
* Up to 15 Stops of Dynamic Range
* Dual Pixel CMOS AF
* 4K up to 60 fps, 2K/HD up to 240 fps
* Proxy Recording to SD Cards
* Selectable Gamma and Log Curves
* XF-AVC and ProRes Recording to CFast 2.0
* Intuitive User Interface
* Raw Recording Option

WHAT'S IN THE BOX: Camera, Handle Unit, Mic Holder, Clamp Base, Extension Unit Attachement, Reinforcing Plate, Base Feet x 4, Tape Measure Hook x 2, and Allen Key x 2.


OLED EVF-V70 - $5249 - special order
Nope, the C700 does not come with an EVF - that's extra. 1920x1080 resolution. Four assignable buttons. Magnification, false colour, and zebra patterns.

Cable for EVF-V70 UN-5 - $380 - special order
50 cm cable to connect the EVF-V70 to the camera.

Shoulder Support Unit SU-15 - $1895 - special order
Want to put the C700 on your shoulder - you need this. Comes with rods. V-lock plate on the bottom to go into VCT plates.

Shoulder Style Grip Unit SG-1 - $2599 - special order
Lets the camera operator operate much like an ENG camera. Attaches to the end of hte Shoulder Support Unit SU-15. Supports 12 pin lens connector to enable power supply from the body. You can control record stop/start, iris and aperture, and if the lens supports it, zoom.

Remote Operation Unit OU-700 - $3299 - special order
This control unit can be attached or detached from the right side of the body for camera assistants to control the camera. Does not come with a cable.

Remote Operation Unit Cable UC-V75 - $329 - special order
Remote Operation Unit Cable UC-V1000 - $389 - special order
Used to connect the Remote Operation Unit OU-700 to the C700. The UC-V75 cable is 75cm long, the UC-V1000 cable is 1000cm. long.




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