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Updated Apr 10/2017

Softboxes and Diffusers For Flash Photography

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Metz Mini Octogon Softbox 15 cm - $23 - in stock
The Metz Mini Octagon Softbox is designed for use with all hot-shoe mounted flashes and is ideal for use with all types of portrait photography giving a softer more natural light and a round catchlight in the subject’s eyes. The softbox folds down flat when not in use and can be stored in the supplied carry bag.


Gary Fong Lightsphere Universal System Cloud - $75 - in stock
The Lightsphere Universal flash diffuser from Gary Fong delivers amazing light from your on-camera flash. You no longer need bulky flash brackets or umbrellas to enjoy incredibly soft, studio-quality lighting!

The Puffer Plus is a simple and easy to use diffuser for your camera's built-in flash.

Gary Fong Puffer Plus for Canon - $30 - in stock
This model only fits Canon D-SLRs - it will not fit other cameras.

PhotoFlex LiteDome Extra Small Kit - no longer available

The Extra Small LiteDome® Basic Kit is quick to assemble and breaks down to a small, lightweight package. It is the smallest in the LiteDome® line, yet it makes an enormous improvement in results for the event, portrait or editorial photographer who uses ShoeMount flash. This kit goes beyond quick handheld shooting applications by including our MultiClamp for easy mounting onto any 5/8 inch stud light stand. The LiteDome® extra small kit can also be mounted onto a camera flash bracket to immediately step up from the amateur look of harsh on-camera snapshots to soft broad-source lit photographs. The improvement is striking. (Depending on bracket style, you may not need to use the included MultiClamp for this application.)  The Extra Small LiteDome® Basic Kit comes with:

Extra Small LiteDome® SoftBox
Basic Connector
Adjustable ShoeMount hardware
ShoeMount MultiClamp

Westcott Mini Apollo Softbox for Flash Only - 16x16" (40x40cm)
Reg $99 Sale $49 - limited stock

The Westcott Mini Apollo softbox is designed for small flash units that can accept an umbrella shaft. It mounts just like a standard umbrella. The Mini Apollo eliminates red-eye, brightens colors and softens harsh light from flash. Its small size and slim profile is ideal for a hair light or accent light. Note an optional "L" bracket is required for use with your shoe-mount flash.

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