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Updated Aug 1/2017

Softboxes and Diffusers For Flash Photography

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Metz Mini Octogon Softbox 15 cm - $23 - in stock
The Metz Mini Octagon Softbox is designed for use with all hot-shoe mounted flashes and is ideal for use with all types of portrait photography giving a softer more natural light and a round catchlight in the subject’s eyes. The softbox folds down flat when not in use and can be stored in the supplied carry bag.


Gary Fong Lightsphere Universal System Cloud - $75 - in stock
The Lightsphere Universal flash diffuser from Gary Fong delivers amazing light from your on-camera flash. You no longer need bulky flash brackets or umbrellas to enjoy incredibly soft, studio-quality lighting!

The Puffer Plus is a simple and easy to use diffuser for your camera's built-in flash.

Gary Fong Puffer Plus for Canon - $30 Sale $19 - limited stock
This model only fits Canon D-SLRs - it will not fit other cameras.

Westcott Mini Apollo Softbox for Flash Only - 16x16" (40x40cm)
Reg $99 Sale $36 - limited stock

The Westcott Mini Apollo softbox is designed for small flash units that can accept an umbrella shaft. It mounts just like a standard umbrella. The Mini Apollo eliminates red-eye, brightens colors and softens harsh light from flash. Its small size and slim profile is ideal for a hair light or accent light. Note an optional "L" bracket is required for use with your shoe-mount flash.

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