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Updated Dec 8/2017

G|Tech G-Raid

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G-Tech Thunderbolt Raids

G-Raid Thunderbolt 2
8 TB - $779 - in stock
12 TB - $969 - in stock
16 TB - $1229 - in stock
20 TB - $1629 - special order - takes under a week

G-RAID with Thunderbolt is a high-performance, removable dual 7200RPM Enterprise-class hard drive storage system featuring both Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3.0 connectivity. For ultimate flexibility, choose between hardware RAID 0, 1 or JBOD to quickly access, browse, edit and backup your digital library. With transfer rates up to 440MB/s, this ultra-fast storage solution is designed for the most demanding creative projects, easily supporting multistream HD, 2K and compressed 4K video workflows. Dual Thunderbolt 2 ports to daisy chain other Thunderbolt devices off of. 3 Year Warranty.

G-Raid w/Removable Drives USB 3
16 TB - limited stock - call for pricing

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