Reflectors are a great, low cost lighting accessory that can be used for video production or photography lighting most often used as a second source of lighting to reflect the main source of light into the shadow areas. This helps to control contrast in both artificial and natural lighting, in place of a fill light or "kick" light. In this case, light "spilling" from the main ambient or key light illuminating a scene is reflected back into the scene with a varying degrees of precision and intensity, according to the chosen reflective surface and its position relative to the scene.

Common Reflector types and uses:

Gold has a sunset effect and warms the scene, gives healthy-looking skin tones.

Soft Gold mixes silver and gold in a zig-zag pattern. Warm, summery feel. Great with skin tones.

White brightens the reflected light - neutral color effect.

Silver increases highlights and yields a high-contrast image - creates neutral tones but brighter than white. Silver and white reflectors can achieve nearly the same colour hue as daylight. can achieve nearly the same colour hue as daylight.

Black works in reverse to absorb light rather than reflect it. Negative fill is used to absorb any ambient light or spill .i.e. to reduce harsh sun rays outdoors.

Black (or white) reflectors can also be used as quick impromptu backdrops on location for head and shoulders shots or for product photography close up shots.

A good value is a multi-reflector which contains 5 of the above in one reflector. The main panel is a shoot through diffuser or white and the outer skin unzips and is reversable.

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