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Updated Sept 6/19


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Tilta Nucleus M Wireless Follow Focus

Tilta Nucleus Nano Wireless Follow Focus

Tilta Follow Focus FF-T03 - $629 - in stock
Our top-selling follow focus system, with a nice feel and hard stops. Warranty - 1 Year. IN THE BOX: Follow Focus, 5 Gear Rings, Crank Handle, 12" Whip, .5/.6/.8 Pitch Gears

iKan Follow Focus Screw TSP-010 - $8 - in stock

Tilta FF-T03 & BS-T05-S Lightweight Follow Focus Kit - $909 - in stock
Model: TT-03-GJ2
Combo of the BS-T05-S and FF-T03, Larger Base Plate for Mounting Bigger Cameras.
- 5" Lightweight Dovetail Plate for Quick Release and Balancing
- Two 15mm x 300mm Rods, 5 Lens Gears
- Whip
- Crank
- Additional pitch gears (0.5 & 0.6)


Genus GL G-PG08 Pitch Gear for GS-FO C 0.8 - $39 - in stock
For use with the Genus G-SFOC Superior Follow Focus, this 0.8mm pitch gear fits the Genus flexible lens gear (sold separately) as used on DSLR lenses.