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Tilta Nucleus M Wireless Follow Focus

Tilta Nucleus Nano Wireless Follow Focus

Tilta Follow Focus FF-T03 - $629 - in stock
Our top-selling follow focus system, with a nice feel and hard stops. Warranty - 1 Year. IN THE BOX: Follow Focus, 5 Gear Rings, Crank Handle, 12" Whip, .5/.6/.8 Pitch Gears

iKan Follow Focus Screw TSP-010 - $8 - in stock

Tilta FF-T03 & BS-T05-S Lightweight Follow Focus Kit - Reg $909 Sale $739 - limited stock
Model: TT-03-GJ2
Combo of the BS-T05-S and FF-T03, Larger Base Plate for Mounting Bigger Cameras.
- 5" Lightweight Dovetail Plate for Quick Release and Balancing
- Two 15mm x 300mm Rods, 5 Lens Gears
- Whip
- Crank
- Additional pitch gears (0.5 & 0.6)

Tilta Single Sided Cine Follow Focus - $1349 - special order - takes 1-2 weeks
This single-sided follow focus has a 1:1 hand wheel-to-gear ratio for extremely accurate focus pulls. It attaches to both 15mm LWS and 19mm rod supports by snapping onto the rods. This allows you to adjust, mount and remove it without the need to remove other accessories that are also mounted onto the rods (such as matte boxes and lens supports). The gear is attached to a swivel that allows you to rotate it against the lens for a tight fit. You can also slide the whole unit from side-to-side, allowing you to easily adjust to fit any size of lens.

- Single-sided follow focus body
- (1) 15mm LWS rod adapter
- (1) 19mm studio rod adapter
- (1) Hand wheel
- (1) Hand wheel extension arm
- (1) 350mm focus whip
- (1) Follow focus speed crank
- 0.8/64T, 0.8/38T, 0.8/43T follow focus gears
- (3) Marking disks
- (5) Gear rings
- Hard shell case



Genus GL G-PG08 Pitch Gear for GS-FO C 0.8 - $39 - in stock
For use with the Genus G-SFOC Superior Follow Focus, this 0.8mm pitch gear fits the Genus flexible lens gear (sold separately) as used on DSLR lenses.