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Updated May 2/19

Tilta Nucleus-M Accessories


EBL 18650 Rechargeable 4 Pack - $30 - more in soon
Rechargeable batteries that fit the Tilta mn Nucleus M, Tilta Gravity, and Zhiyun Crane 2, amongst other things.

EBL 18650 Charger - $33 - in stock
Lose your 18650 charger, or need to charge a lot of 18650 batteries, here's a 4 bay charger.

Titla Nucleus-M Run/Stop Cables
RED DSMC2 (RS-02-RD) - $80 - in stock
LANC for Sony FS5/FS7, BMD URSA Mini (RS-01-LANC) - $80 - in stock
Sony A7/A6XXX/A9 Mirrorless (RS-02-SY) - $80 - in stock
Arri EXT Run/Stop - $80 - in stock

Tilta Nucleus-M 7-pin to 7-pin Motor Cable
18cm (WLC-T03-7P-S-18) - $109 - in stock
55cm (WLC-T03-7P-S-55)- $109 - in stock

Tilta Nucleus M Power Cables
60cm (WLC-T03-PTAP-7P) P-Tap to 7 Pin Cable $109 - more in soon
This P-tap to 7-pin cable for the Nucleus-M allows you to power the motors from a P-tap power output port. Simply plug this cable into one of the motors and then daisy chain power to the other motors using the Nucleus-M 7-pin to 7-pin power cables.

Tilta Nucleus-M FIZ Hand Unit ARRI Standard Rosette Adapter - $55 - more in soon
This Arri Standard Rosette adapter attaches to the back of the Nucleus-M’s FIZ hand unit to give you a way to mount it to monitor cages or anything else that utilizes a rosette-based mounting system. FIZ Handheld unit not included. Part Number: WLC-T03-RC.

Tilta Nucleus-M Marking Disc - $8 - in stock
Part Number: WLC-T03-MB-1.

Tilta Nucleus-M Hand Grip Universal Gimbal Ring Adapters (WLC-T03-GR-01) - $80 - in stock
The Nucleus-M: Wireless Lens Control System was designed with versatility. Using these clamp-on rosette-based adapters, you can easily connect your Nucleus-M hand grips to ring-based gimbals. Simply use the Tilta Nucleus-M Hand Grip to Arri Standard Rosette Adapters to attach the Nucleus-M hand grips to these adapters. The package includes two adapters, one for the left and one for the right hand grip.

Tilta Nucleus-M Monitor Bracket (WLC-T03MA) - $149 - in stock
* Add a Monitor to the FIZ Hand Unit
* Attaches to Standard Rosette Adapter
* 1 x Rosette for Accessories
* 3.9" Long 15mm Rod
* Monitor Plate with 1/4"-20 Thumbscrew
* 1/4"-20 Threaded Holes
* Aluminum Construction

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