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Updated Apr 10/2017

Cinevate Canon to Nikon Lens Mount Adapter - $44 - in stock
The Nikon F to Canon EOS Adapter Ring is custom-made to allow Nikon AI F-mount lenses to fit on a Canon EOS camera, including the popular 5D Mark III and 7D DSLRs. Constructed of long-lasting chrome-plated brass, the adapter ring gives your Canon SLR access to a large line of quality optics, from Nikon's own top-notch lenses to such third-party stalwarts as the Zeiss ZF primes, which have a Nikon lens mount. With this simple adapter, you'll more than double your camera's optical versatility, while maintaining each lens' focal length and full focusing ability, from macro to infinity. Please note that this mount does not allow for electronic aperture control and is not compatible with non-AI Nikon lenses.

Novoflex EOS/NIK NT Nikon-G to Canon EOS Body Adapter - special order - takes about 2 business days
Adapts Nikon lenses G type lenses (without aperture ring) to a Canon EOS body, retaining infinity focus, but losing all other connections. This version includes an aperture control to allow G-type Nikon lenses to be stopped down. Can be used with other types of Nikon F mount lenses as well.

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