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Updated Oct 18/2017

Metabones Lens Adapters for Sony E Mount

Metabones Sony E Mount Adapters

Metabones Nikon G to Sony E Mount - $189 - in stock

Metabones Canon EF to Sony E Mount T Mark V - $539 - in stock
Perfect for putting Canon lenses on the Sony a7s or FS7 cameras, or any other Sony camera with an E Mount. Electronic contacts allow auto-focusing, image stabilization and aperture control. Mfr#MB_EF-E-BT5.

Metabones PL to E Mount - $499 - in stock
Let's you mount cinema PL lenses to your Sony camera.

Metabones Canon EF to Sony FZ T Cine - $1299 - special order
Lets you mount Canon EF lenses onto your Sony cameras that use the FZ mount, such as the F5/F55. Supports auto exposure, and where applicable, image stabilization (IS). DOES NOT support auto-focus. Power is supplied by the camera body. Firmware updates via the micro-USB port. Extra large geared iris ring.

Metabones Speedbooster Canon EF to E Mount ULTRA .71x T - $879 - in stock
An updated version of the famous and top-selling Canon EF to E Mount Speedbooster. Mfr#MB_SPEF-E-BT2.

Metabones Speedbooster Nikon G to Sony E Mount ULTRA .71x - $649 - in stock


Sigma MC-11 Lens Adapter (Canon EF) - $329 - in stock

Sigma jumps into the lens adapter game with their new Canon EF to Sony E lens adapter. Sigma is promising fast auto-focus with Sigma lenses. Supports image stabilization as well. An LED display on the adapter will show if the lens you are attaching is compatible. Compatibility with non-Sigma lenses (i.e. Canon, Tamron, Tokina) is a lens-by-lens basis. Lenses will mount, but auto-focus will vary. Firmware can be updated with the Sigma USB Dock. Warranty - 7 Year Canadian Warranty.