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Updated Feb 5/2018

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BOLING LED BL-2220P 5600K Daylight Balanced - $399 - call to check availability

A compact, good quality, economical light. Combining a CRI of 95 (confirmed by us with in-store testing) and some punch, this Boling LED is a terrific value. 5600K Daylight balanced, with a dimmer so you can adjust the intensity. The light has slot channels in the front to put in gels, or to attach barn doors or a soft box. Can be powered by AC, or by battery power (Sony L batteries). Panel Size - 9"/23cm x9"/23cm (excluding yoke). Weight - 2.2 lbs/1.1 kg with the yoke. Warranty - 1 year.

What's In The Box - Light, yoke, soft case, AC Adapter, Diffusion Gel, and CTO (Tungsten) Gel.


BL-2220 Barn Doors - $49 - call to check availability
4 leaf barn door to control spillage on your Boling LED Light. Slides into the front of the fixture. Folds flat for transportation. Filters and the barn doors can be used simultaneously, as there are two slots on the front of the light.

BL-2220 Soft Box - $89 - limited stock
LED Lights can be harsh to the eye, and if shooting people, some method of diffusion is required, either through gel or a soft box. This Boling softbox has a frame that slides into the front of the light. Soft box also comes with an egg-crate, to control spillage.


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