Updated Apr 12/2014


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Chimera Video Pro Plus 1
XS (16x22) - $199 - special order
Small (24x32) - $259 - in stock
Medium (36x48) - $399 - special order

These soft box are designed to withstand the heat generated by tungsten lights, and can also be used on photographic strobe lights. XS is rated for 750w, Small 1000w, and Medium 1200w lights. Video Pro Plus 1 soft boxes come with a removable internal baffle for broad, even highlights and have soft silver interiors. These soft boxes have 1 front diffusion screen. To attach to your light, a speed ring is required. Chimera Video Pro Plus soft boxes come with a carrying bag, are made in the US, and come with a 5 year warranty.


LightTools Chimera Soft Egg Crates Fabric Grids
XS (16x22) 40 Degree - $139 - in stock
Small (24x32) 40 Degree- $189 - in stock
Medium (36x48) 40 Degree - $279 - in stock


All soft box require a speed ring to attach the softbox to the light. Since
virtually every strobe and continuous light have different mounting systems,
there is no universal speed ring for different lights.

Chimera Standard Ring for Strobe Lights
Made out of tough plastic, these are the most economical way to attach
Chimera soft boxes to strobe lights.

Visatec/Broncolor #2085 - Reg $119 Sale $79 - limited stock

Chimera Quick Release Ring for Strobe Lights
Made out of high-grade aircraft aluminum, the Quick Release Ring allows you
to set and and take down a soft box as quickly as an umbrella. A flip of the
lever allows you to easily release the tension of the soft box poles. No
more feats of strength required to put the poles in or out. Quick Release ring also has a 1/4" mounting screw to attach to any stud with 1/4" screw.

Visatec/Broncolor #2085QR - Reg $169 Display Model on Sale $89

Chimera Continuous Light Speed Rings

Lowel Tota Light Quick Release #9510QR - $149 - special order
(includes light stand adapter)
Lowel Omni Light #2935 - $149 - special order
Red Head Ring #9560 - $119 - special order
Lowel Pro Light #2945 - $45 - special order

Chimera Pro Stand Adapter #3700 - Sale $30 - limited stock

Chimera Dual Axis Stand Adapter #3865 - Sale $39 - limited stock


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