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Updated June 1/2017

Fiilex Lights & Acessories


Fiilex P360 LED Light - $899 - special order

The perfect balance of power and portability, the P360 is a 350W equivalent light that weighs just 1.6lbs. Color tunable between tungsten and daylight, this compact LED is strong enough to be a key or fill light and flexible enough to never lock you into a certain look. Delivering intense light with a high CRI (>92), the P360 saves you time in post-production by giving you vibrant colors and crisp shadows with no color fringing or spiking. This single point source runs cool to touch and can be shaped, softened, or focused easily with a wide variety of accessories, blending into your existing set-up or working flawlessly on its own. Compatible with broadcast batteries and designed to withstand bumps and turbulence of travel, the P360 is an easy choice for establishing quick shots on the go and for working on location. A go-to tool for any lighting kit, the powerful P360 gives you stunning light whenever you need it.
* 350W Equivalent Output - 90W Draw
* Dimmable and Color-Tunable between 3000K-5600K
* High CRI (Color Rendering Index) >92
* Compact, weighs 1.6 lbs
* Runs on AC power 110v-240v or broadcast batteries 12v-28v
* (w/ D-Tap cables)
* Solid State Technology (no bulbs to break)

Fiilex P360EX LED Light - $1219 - special order - takes 10 business days
Same great light as the P360, except is water-proof (IP-24 rating, IP-25 rating with rain shield), so you can shoot in rain, cold or high humidity. Also, you can add DMX control with an optional DMX Connection Box.

P360 Accessories

Fiilex Fresnel Lens (FLXA004) - $79 - more in soon
The Fresnel Lens is designed to attach to the magnetic mounts on the front of the P360. The Fresnel Lens allows you to focus/spot the beam of light to about 29° and intensifies the light by roughly 3x.

Fiilex P2Q Converter Kit (FLX028) - $469 - in stock

The P2Q Converter Kit  is a light modifier with a 5” fresnel lens for the P360 and the P360EX. It attaches to the front of the light increasing the throw and focusing the intensity of the beam an amazing 8x. The converter gives your light a more cinematic look and brings the normal beam angle of 65° down to 14°.

Fiilex Dome Diffuser, Type A (FLXA006) - $79 - more in soon
The Dome Diffuser is designed to attach to the magnetic mounts on the front of the P360. The Dome Diffuser increases the beam angle and also softens the light.

Fiilex Softbox Kit (FLXA003) - $139 - special order
The Softbox Kit contains both the speedring and a softbox. The Speed Ring is designed to slide into the accessory slots of the P360. The softbox (15x15in) is then meant to slide around the Speed Ring and create a snug fit to hold the softbox in place. The softbox lays flat when not in use and can fold up to fit in a small pouch. Comes standard with two layers of removable diffusion, one for the outside use and an optional inner baffle for further diffusion control.

Fiilex D-Tap Cable 24" (FLXA011) - $39 - in stock

The D-Tap Cable (also known as P-Tap) is designed for an alternative way to power the P360/P360EX/P200/P180E. A 2.5mm DC Connector plugs into the light, the opposite end features an industry standard D-Tap Connection that plugs into professional DC Broadcast Batteries. This is a coiled cable that extends to 14 inches long and allows for direct connection to a DC battery without having excess slack on set.

Fiilex Power Adapter Holder (FLXA025) - $35 - in stock
The Power Adapter Holder allows you to attach your light's power brick to a light stand or C-stand. It will also secure the optional DMX Connection Box (P360EX Only). Now it is easier to keep your cables organized and out of the way.

Fiilex K301 3 Light Travel Kit (FLXK301) - Reg $3049 Sale $2699 - special order

The K301 Lighting Kit gives you the ability to create interview or traditional 3 point lighting set ups. The P360 is a powerful high quality specular light. It reveals color with great accuracy, and gives you control over the light quality. With the color tunabilty you can match existing light sources and keep everything on color. The kit is very portable, it comes with three P360 color tunable light heads, power adapters, barndoors, light stands, softbox and a speedring.
* 1050W of Total Equivalent Output
* Color Temperature Range 3000 - 5600 Kelvin
* High CRI >92
* Dimming (100%-10%)
* Flicker Free at any Frame Rate
* Single Point Light Source
* Solid State Technology - No Bulbs to Replace
* Does not Emit UV Light/Radiation
* Compatible with Broadcast Batteries
* AC/DC Power options (P360 12-28V DC)
* Compatible with Fiilex accessories

Fiilex K201 2 Light Interview Kit (FLXK201) - $2169 Sale $1899 - special order

The K201 Lighting Kit gives you a portable travel kit with two powerful P360s. These color tunable LEDs go from tungsten to daylight with the turn of a dial, matching effortlessly to existing sources or creating color contrast within your shot. The two P360s reveal color with great accuracy and give you plenty of control over the light quality, pairing easily with accessories to shape, soften, or focus the light. The durable travel case also includes a space for additional lights, accessories, or battery packs, making it easier than ever to pack light for your shoots. An excellent choice for on-the-go professionals that need a little extra controllable light for their work, the K201 comes with two color-tunable P360 light heads, power adapters, barndoors, light stands, a softbox and a speedring.
* 700W of Total Equivalent Output
* Color Temperature Range 3000 - 5600 Kelvin
* High CRI >92
* Dimming (100%-10%)
* Flicker Free at any Frame Rate
* Solid State Technology - No Bulbs to Replace
* Compatible with Broadcast Batteries
* Compatible with Fiilex accessories