Updated Apr 12/2014

C-Stands, Boom Stands & Accessories

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ProMaster LS-6 Boom Stand - $119 - more in soon
The ProMaster LS6 Multifunction Boom Light Stand is a versatile tool for every studio setup. It can be used as a standard vertical light stand or converted to a boom stand to help get the light right where you need it.
* Spring Cushioned
* ­Multi-angle Boom with Counterweight Bag (holds up to 4 ?kg)
* ­Maximum Operating Height: 12'11'' / 394 cm
* ­Folded Length: 48 1/2'' / 123 cm
* ­2 Stand Sections: 34.5 mm, 29.5 mm
* ­2 Boom Sections: 25 mm, 22mm
* ­Multi-Position Quick Change Mounting Stud with 1/4-20 and 3/8'' screws
* ­Mount for safety cable (not included)

Manfrotto 420B Combi-Boom Stand - $239 - in stock
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3 riser compact stand that can be rapidly converted into a stand with boom arm. The pivoting collar on the stand allows the top two extensions to be tilted for use as a telescopic boom arm. Supplied with a refillable counterweight sandbag for maximum stability. Attachment: 5/8" receiver and 5/8" stud with 1/4-20" and 3/8" threaded tips. NOTE: This is for lightweight items only - very small lights, flashes, microphones. It is NOT suitable for strobe lights.

Minimum extension boom: 19cm
Maximum extension boom: 191cm
Maximum load at boom full extension: 2kg with counterweight

ProMaster C-Stand - $139 - in stock
This high quality photo video "C" light stand is made of heavy duty steel and is ideal for both home studio or professional use. It is compatible with a wide variety photographic equipment and accessories. Because of the extra stable design, "C" stands are widely used to hold light booms, hold backdrop supports, reflector supports and much more.

Maximum operating height: 10'8" / 325cm
Folded length: 5'1" / 155cm
Stand sections: 35mm, 30mm, 25mm

Studio Titan Side Kick Light Stand
Includes 3 Side Kick Arms LS-K033 #5430040
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* Ideal for studio lights
* May be used as a lightweight camera stand
* Single touch adjustment
* Chrome finish pole
* Black caster base with locking casters
* Max. Height: 87" (221cm)
* Diameter: Base 39"" (100cm)
* Pole 35mm
* Weight: 17.6lb (8kg)
* Capacity: 44lb (20kg)

Grip Heads

Manfrotto Avenger D200B - $39 - in stock
A 2-1/2" diameter grip head, designed to hold scrims, flags, floppies, cutters, etc., mounted on Century stands or butterfly frames. With non-slip "T-Top" grip pad that locks off securely to give precision control. Hundreds of functions; fits a 5/8" (Baby) stud or stand top. Uses a series of washers for extra locking torque. Black finish.

Manfrotto Avenger D500B 20" Extension Arm - $59 - special order
The Avenger D500LB 20" Extension Arm is usually used in conjunction with a stand mounted grip head to gain reach and articulation via the arm's built-in grip head. This black-finished arm can hold a small light head, flag, or reflector.