Updated Apr 12/2014

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Westcott Multi Reflector Kit with Stand and Reflector Arm
Reg $169 DV Shop Special $119 - in stock

The Multi Reflector Kit from Westcott includes a 40" reflector with a reversible cover that includes white, silver, gold, and black colours as well as the translucent diffusion center panel. This offers you the ability to manipulate light with the reflector and choosing from just adding light to making it cooler, softer, or warmer. This kit comes with a 7.5 ft light stand and a reflector holder arm. Includes 2 hour instructional DVD.

PhotoFlex MultiDisc 5'n1

The MultiDisc 5'n1 offers five reflector surfaces; diffuser panel, reversible cover that has white, silver, gold, and soft gold.

32" - $89 - in stock
42" - $119 - in stock

PhotoFlex LiteDisc White/Silver Reflector
32" - $49 - in stock
42" - $65 - in stock

Photo Basics 40" 5-in-1 Reflector - $45 - in stock
40" reflector has diffusion panel as well as a reversible slip cover with four sides: silver, gold, white and black.

Manfrotto D700B Collapsible Reflector Holder 120cm - $75 - in stock
This collapsible reflector holder has a pivot mount for a light stand, and end clips to hold a reflector, such as the Lastolite, or Photoflex litedisc. Telescopes from 24 to 47 inches (61cm to 119 cm). Weight 0.7 kg. Socket size - Type 1.

If you're not sure what type of reflector you need, check out our quick guide to reflectors here.