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Updated May 4/20

Studio Ring Lights for Video


F&V R-300 SE Ring Light - $339 - special order
F&V R-300 SE Demo Bundle - Reg $589 - Sale $489
R-300 Se + Milk White Diffuser + Soft Box Kit + AC Adapter
Light weight and a compact size makes the R300 SE the perfect travelling light. It is great for special purposes such as for use with a gimbal, where other lights don't fit or are too heavy. The R300 SE can be whatever you need it to be: a ring light mounted around the lens, a soft off-camera light, a small portable softbox or lantern. With the new, extended L-bracket, it can also be mounted to any DSLR, even when a battery grip is installed. The R300 SE is ready for any challenge. The New R-300 SE features 300 daylight-balanced LEDs that produce 2205 Lux @ 1-meter with TLCI 97 +/- 2. An on board dimmer offers seamless power variation from 0-100%. It has two power options: a NP-F Battery or DC 2.5mm jack (Battery and AC Adapter sold separately).

(1) x R300 SE Daylight LED Ring Light
(1) x Frost Diffusion Filter
(1) x Tungsten Filter
(1) x Lens mount
(3) x Lens Adapter Ring (67-82mm/72-82mm/77-82mm)
(1) x Base Case

F&V R-300 Softbox Kit - $139 - special order

F&V R-300 Milk Diffusion Filter - $49 - special order

F&V R-300 AC Power Supply - $59 - special order

iKan ORYAN Bi-Colour Ring Light 3200-5600K - $199 - special order
The 14″ multi mount ring light kit has just the right amount of illumination to give any subject that sparkle in their eyes. The large diameter opening allows for any size camera to be used with the light. The soft diffused LED’s give the ring light a bright but wrapping light that make your subjects glow. The control knobs on the back of the allow you to quickly switch from brightness to color with a simple push of the button.

Nanguang Venus V29C Bi-Color LED Ring Light - sold out
* 15" Outer Diameter, 12" Inner Diameter
* Color Temperature: 3200-5600K, CRI: 95
* Cell Phone Bracket, Mirror
* 100-240 VAC Adapter, 5/8" Stand Mount
* Optional NP-F Battery Power
* USB Port