Updated Apr 12/2014

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XS (12" x 16") Max 500 w - $125 - in stock
Small (16" x 22") Max 1000 w - Reg $149 Display Model on Sale $119
Medium (24" x 32") Max 1000 w - $179 - in stock

Suitable for both video and photo lights. Westcott soft boxes are well made and a good value. Requires specific speed ring (not included) to attach to the light you're using it on. XS small box (12x16) doesn't have an internal diffuser, and doesn't have an outer edge lip that the larger soft boxes do, so it can't take an egg crate.

Westcott Speed Rings:

Red Head - $109 - in stock

Westcott 2460 40-degree Egg Crate Grid for 16x22 Softbox - $139 - more in soon
When mounted on a softbox, this egg crate will limit the spread of light to 40 degrees from the face of the softbox.


WhiteDome NXT Softbox

Medium - 24x32x17 - Max 3000 watts - $269 - sold out
The unique, translucent design of the WhiteDome produces soft, nearly shadowless lighting. With its bright, diffused light, the WhiteDome is ideal for lighting your videos, films, and large sets. Great lighting solution for architectural photography. Comes with black side panels to prevent unwanted light spillage. Panels made from our Brimstone™ fabric; durable and heat-resistant.All Photoflex soft boxes require a connector which is sold separately.

Photoflex Eggcrates - Medium - 24x32" - Reg $209 - Sale $129 - limited stock

* 40° Nylon Grids - Velcro® onto face of soft box giving you precise control of lightspread with no lightspill onto backdrop, floor, or ceiling
* Individually sewn edges - which ensures precise light placement
* Carry Bag - included for easy storage and transport


Photoflex VC-Redhead - Ianiro Redhead - $135 - order in - takes 2 - 3 business days

Photoflex VC-BL4002 - Lowel Tota-light - $149 - order in - takes 2 - 3 business days

Photoflex VC-BL4003 Omni-Light - $99 - order in - takes 2 - 3 business days

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