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Updated Oct 7/19

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SmallHD Accessories For DP6 & AC7

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SmallHD D-Tap to Barrel AC7 LCD - $39 - in stock
Only works on AC7 or with SmallHD LPE6 kit.

Sony NP-FV "V" Bracket - Reg $89 SALE $79 - sale pricing on in stock quantities only
Compatible with AC7/AC7 OLED/DP6. Hold two Sony "V" batteries. The NP-FV batteries are the batteries used in Sony Handycams, such as the NEX-VG10/20/30, AX100, CX900, etc. Compatible batteries are NP-FV30/50/70/100.

Panasonic D54 Bracket - Reg $89 SALE $79 - sale pricing on in stock quantities only
Compatible with AC7/AC7 OLED/DP6. Uses two Panasonic D54 batteries. SmallHD claims it will run your AC7 for 8 hours when using the Panasonic D54 battery. Can hot-swap the batteries out for endless run time.

AC7 LCD Acrylic Screen Protector - $29 - special order
(ACC-SP-7-TR-ACR) Provides impact protection for the AC7 monitors. Easily attaches to the front of the monitor. Impact resistant acrylic provides good protection. It is NOT compatible with the AC7 OLED monitors.

SmallHD 7" Neoprene Sleeve - Reg $45 SALE $39 - sale pricing on in stock quantities only
Compatible with the AC7 and DP6 monitors. AC7 OLED will not fit in this sleeve.

DP7 Replacement Power Supply - $45- sold out
Lost the AC adapter that came with your DP7 or AC7 OLED monitor? Here's the replacement. Dual voltage 110-240v.

D-TAP TO HIROSE Cable - $72 - in stock
Compatible with DP7, DP7 OLED, DP7 HB, and AC7 OLED.
(CBL-PWR-DTAP-HIRO-36) Need to power your DP7 from D-Tap? This 3' cable will let you do it. Cable is made by Anton Bauer.

Marshall Battery Bracket Adapter Cable - Reg $39 SALE $19 - sale pricing on in stock quantities only
Compatible with the AC7/AC7 OLED. Have a spare Marshall battery bracket kicking around and want it to work on your AC7? Allows you to convert the Marshall power plug to the AC7 power plug. Find Marshall Battery Plates here

DP7 SUNHOOD - $119 Sale $69 - limited stock
Compatible with the DP7-PRO and AC7 OLED monitors.
A must-have accessory if shooting outside or under bright lights. Attaches to your monitor with 2 easy snap attachments that can be applied quickly. No straps, no zippers, no velcro! Uses heavy duty plastic snaps that apply to the monitor housing. Apply or remove in less than 10 seconds. Soft neoprene design with rods to keep it in place. Extends 8 inches from the screen.

Find SmallHD 9" Neoprene Sleeve here
Fits DP7/AC7 OLED and 700 Series Monitors.

SmallHD DP4 DSLR EVF Accessories

SmallHD ACC-VF4-Diopters - 46mm Thread - Sale $10 - limited stock
This three pack of Negative Diopters for the DP4-EVF or VF4 may help those who need glasses to correct nearsightedness. These lenses, installed like filters, are varying in strengths and effectively are the same as used in eyeglasses to correct near-sightedness. In this case, they allow the lens to properly focus at a further distance than would otherwise be possible. Included will be -1, -2, and -3 diopters which are stackable for a combined effect.

ACC-EVF-VF4-Lens-Cap - Sale $7 - limited stock
The SmallHD Protective Lens Cap for VF4 Viewfinder is designed to fit both the old and new versions of the DP4-EVF and VF4 eye cups perfectly to help protect your screen from direct sunlight and to protect the optics on the VF4 Viewfinder. A built-in magnet allows the lens cap to easily attach to the viewfinder housing when not in use.

HDMI Port Lock

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