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Updated Feb 17/2017

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Blackmagic SmartScope Duo 4K - $1319 - in stock

Display model available for viewing.

* Supports SD/HD/3G/6G-SDI
* Auto Format Sensing & Selection
* 1 x Loop Through SDI I/O per Monitor
* Select Video, Waveform, Vectorscope
* RGB Parade, YUV Parade, Histogram
* Audio Phase & Levels
* Software Control via Ethernet
* Industry Compatible Tally System
* 3 Rack Unit Size for Mounting
* Auto Orientation Sensing & Image Flip

Blackmagic Design SmartView Duo - $719 - special order - takes under a week
2 x 8" SDI Monitors - Rackmountable 3RU

Blackmagic Design SmartView Duo is perfectly designed for building a video wall for monitoring all sources into live production switchers and because it's so incredibly thin, it's even perfect for portable setups where you need to save space. Imagine having all your video sources displayed on large 8 inch LCD screens so you can see camera focus and quality! Now you can build full live broadcast presentation monitoring that's small enough to be fully portable! SmartView Duo is lightweight and thin, so it's perfect for outside broadcast vans or even installed into portable monitor racks to reduce shipping costs of flyway kits!
Product Features
* Good quality SDI monitoring is expensive and often makes it hard to put monitoring on all the devices in your racks or control rooms because costs add up quickly
* If you're traveling all over the world, SmartView Duo is perfect because it includes a standard 12 volt power supply with socket adapters for each country
* There's nothing more complicated than trying to match all your monitors by climbing all over your equipment and using little screwdrivers! Simply connect your SmartView Duo to your Ethernet network and use the included Mac and Windows software to adjust all your monitors from one central location
* SmartView Duo is designed to be used for broadcast as well as post production so it includes support for more SDI video standards, including SD, HD and 3 Gb/s SDI formats
* SmartView Duo features two fully independent 8 inch monitors for incredible monitoring, but not suitable for colour grading.

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