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Updated Sept 23/2017

Ultralight Control Systems


Ultralight makes versatile and customizable solutions for mounting video gear.

Ultralight 3" Double Ball Arm Segment DB-03 - $45 - in stock

Ultralight 5 " Double Ball Arm Segment DB-05 - $65 - in stock

Ultralight 8" Arm Double Ball Arm Segment DB-08 - $65 - in stock


Ultralight 15mm Rail Block C-I5-RB - $65 - in stock

Ultralight Double Clamp AC-CSF-28 - $45 - in stock
Standard clamp used to attach two arms or base adapters together. (Puts 2 ball together)

Ultralight Clamp (Long) AC-CSL - $49 - in stock
This longer clamp allows extra "reach" and maneuverability.

Ultralight Triple Clamp AC-TCS - $49 - in stock
Three sockets instead of 2.

Ultralight Monitor Bracket AC-MB - $65 - in stock

Ultralight Base Adapter with 1/4-20" Screw AD-1420-2 - $35 - in stock

Ultralight Base Adapter with 3/8" Screw AD-3816 - $35 - in stock

Ultralight Adapter Ball BA-HB - $35 - in stock

Ultralight Hot Shoe AD-HS - $49 - in stock

Ultralight Small HD Adapter AC-SHD - $39 - in stock
Adapter that attaches to Small HD monitors that use a variant of the Arri Locator Pins mount, such as the 500/700 series of monitors. Two
small pin prevent twisting or loosening where the 1/4-20 screw attaches to the monitor.

Ultralight Base Adapter Arri - $49 - in stock
( BA-ARRI) - Base Adapter with Arri Locating Pins, so you can mount it on anything that can receive an Arri Locating Pins. More solid connection, because it doesn't turn and twist and come loose. Unfortunately, not a lot of cameras, cages, baseplates, etc use this. Comes with Allen key to screw the adapter in.


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