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Updated May 28/19

Red DSMC2 Dragon-X


Red Dragon-X Brain Only - $20,200 - special order
Red Dragon-X Kit - $26,950 - special order

LENS MOUNT - Dragon-X does not ship with a lens mount. Choose from Canon EF, PL, Nikon, and Leica mounts. The lens mount is user-changeable, so you can also change your lens mount depending on the lenses you own, rent or buy.

ACCESSORY PACKAGE - Consider adding an Accessory Package, which combines various needed components together. Requires less thinking and angst, but it is also non-customizable.

CUSTOM BUILD - Want to build your camera piece by piece? Click on these individual categories to custom-build your Red your way:

MEDIA - You need Red MiniMag Media to record your footage, otherwise it will be pretty pointless to buy a camera.


The great thing about RED is you can build it the way you want (or afford) now, and then endlessly change and add things.