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Updated Oct 10/19

Red Media & MiniMag Readers & Media Cases


Red Mini-Mag (Red)
480 GB - $1949 - in stock
960 GB - $3149 - special order - takes about a week

Manufactured from robust aluminum, RED MINI-MAGs offer rugged reliability in a compact form factor. Available in multiple capacities, these turbo-charged red models can achieve up to 300 MB/s for even lower REDCODE® compression. They are faster than the grey models.

NOTE: Media max data rates vary based on camera BRAIN.

NOTE: RED MINI-MAGs require a RED MINI-MAG Side SSD Module for use with the older RED EPIC or SCARLET BRAIN that used the older RedMags. This does not apply to the latest models based on the DSMC2 body style.

Red Station Red Mini-Mag 3.1
(750-0084) - $259 - in stock

The RED STATION® RED MINI-MAG® - USB 3.1 is designed exclusively for offloading data from RED MINI-MAG media to your workstation. Connect to your computer via USB 3.1 for blazing fast transfer speeds. A sleek, compact design takes up less space than the RED STATION RED MINI-MAG – ESATA/USB 3.0 and fits easily into cases.

G-Tech ev Series Red Mini-Mag Reader - $239 - call to check availability
(0G04559) Need to connect your Red Mini-Mag SSDs to your computer? This is the product for you. Connects via USB3. Warranty 3 Years.

Blackjet VX-1R RED Mini-Mag Reader - $239 - more in soon
* USB 3.1 Gen 2 RED MINI-MAG Reader
* USB Type-C Interface
* Transfer Speeds up to 10 GB/s
* Supports Thunderbolt 3
* Supports Windows 10 and macOS 10.12+
* Durable Metal Enclosure
* USB Type-C Cable Included


Red Mini-Mag Case Only
4 Pack Case (empty) - $40 - in stock
12 Pack Case (empty) - $55 - special order

The Red MiniMag Case is a durable way of storing your very expensive MiniMag media. It's water resistant, and has laser-cut foam.